Crunches and squats and lunges, oh my. Sis, we’re right there with you. The start of the year is always a time where gyms are overflowing with those of us who have been wanting to get in our best shape but, you know, snacks. Before Spring inches closer (except if you’re in the Midwest, you’ve probably got a long way to go. Sorry!) now is a good time to recommit to those fitness goals. With Valentine’s Day and the decent dinners that come with it behind us, a good sweat session can be just what the doctor ordered. Unless, of course, you’re heading to a doctor to work their magic on that body. No shade, sis, we get it! But if you want to take a more organic approach, switching up your workout routine and making it fun can be a great way to bring back the excitement you had on January 1st.

Try a group workout class. 

For those of you who thrive on competition, workout classes are a great way to push your own limits. Having someone else there to hold you accountable can also work as motivation to complete your workout and continue shaping your body into your ideal image. Group classes can also serve as a cheat sheet on meeting people who are interested in getting in shape too, that way you can add them to your friend group and have an accountability partner. 

Buy new workout clothes. 

When you look good, you do good. Workout clothes can often help accentuate the parts of our bodies that we already like and may also help us spot areas that need a little more attention. So, restocking on our fitness gear is another motivational tool to get you out the door and to the gym. Plus, if you really choose well, you’ll be excited to show off your new threads. It’s a win win. 

Revisit your why. 

If your why was solely physical in nature, it may be harder to muster up the energy to get to the gym; however, if you make it about your overall health, it can be easier. Working out is not just about having our ideal bodies, it is a necessary part of the maintenance we need to live long, healthy lives. We want to be here for many years to come and taking the time to move our bodies can help with that. 

Switch up the routine. 

If you’ve been stuck in a rut, try switching up your routine. Do legs on a different day of the week or try out a machine that seems too intimidating. You never know what you’re capable of until you try, so step outside of the box and push yourself. 

Find a workout buddy. 

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We all can use a little help from time to time and enlisting a friend to be your support on the days where sitting on your couch seems more appealing than lifting weights, can be just the help you need. Bonus points if you can find someone who is good at the things you may find more difficult—that way they can also act as proof of what is possible. 

Save your favorite series for cardio days. 

Most of us are in the habit of binging TV shows and there is no better time to get carried away than on days where you’re hoping to burn calories through cardio. Try saving that show you’ve been wanting to watch for a 60 minute cardio session and it’s guaranteed to feel less intense with a welcomed distraction.