Global warming is really showing out this year already. Mother nature must have gotten the memo that it is going to be a Hot Girl Summer. The last thing we need is for your makeup to melt, our wigs to slip, or worse, pass out in these streets. Here are some of the best items to keep with you to stay cool.


Portable Handheld Fan

You may have seen these several times already. This is the hack many of us use when it’s too hot outside. This rechargeable handheld mini fan gets the job done every time. It’s perfect because unlike a folding fan, you do not have to do any work to keep yourself cool. Hold it in your hand or attach it to an umbrella or other stable object with the clip.


Car Sunshade

There is nothing worse than being out in the sun all day and having to get in a car that has been doing just the same. Now you can keep your car from roasting with this windshield sunshade. It’s made with reflective materials so that the interior of your car stays cool.


Insulated Water Bottle

The days of worrying about how your water (or to go margarita) is going to stay cool while you’re out and about is now a thing of the past! This water bottle, made with stainless steel and double-walled vacuum insulation, keeps your beverages cold for up to 36 hours. It’s BPA-free and you can attach it to your bag or backpack with the easy access handle on the lid.


Facial Misting Sprays

For the days when it’s too hot to throw on makeup up, keep a can of travel facial spray on you for when your face needs a little refresher. This misting spray hydrates and soothes the skin on days when your face just can’t take it anymore. Hear me out, combine it with the portable handheld fan I told you about earlier and that’s one hell of a combo!