Consider this your sign to get back on track with nourishing your self-care by drinking more water. We know that staying hydrated can sometimes feel like an afterthought in a busy day. It all comes down to making a few lifestyle changes that you can stick to. For those who simply can’t stand the taste of water or those who are inconsistent, we have some tricks you’ll thank us for. We’re confident that, with some gentle tweaks in your daily routine, you’ll be sippin’ on your water without being begged to do so.

It’s time to get into these gloriously simple but effective tips. Read on to find out the best way to start drinking more water.

Drinking more water just got easier:

Hydration tracker water bottles

Using a hydrate tracker water bottle is something that makes drinking more water manageable. These water bottles come with hourly timings which act as motivation to reach your hydration goals. A quick, cute, and easy to remember tactic that ticks all the boxes.

Think about easy-to-swap beverages

If your chosen beverages are not as water-based as they could be, there are some easy swaps you can consider. Are you a lover of sodas? That’s cool, but how about making an effort to cut back on the number of sodas you drink daily and instead opt for something more hydrating, like mineral or sparkling water? Another easy swap, if you love sweet juices, make your own alternatives and boost your water-intake with all of the fruity flavors. Bonus points for getting creative with fruit popsicles or fruity ice cubes if you’re trying to really impress yourself.

Time to add some flavor to your water

If you simply can’t stand the taste of plain old water then maybe it’s time to add a little drop of flavor. Some go-to additions include cucumber, strawberry, mint or lime.

Air up might be the game-changer you’ve been missing out on

For those who don’t want to do it the old-school way, maybe it is time to try something totally different. Make plain water taste like your fave flavors using your Air up bottle. The bottle comes with flavored pods which, once activated, release the aroma of your chosen pod. According to the website, the science behind the water bottle is that “the thing about taste is that around 80% of what we perceive as flavour is actually derived from what we’re smelling”. With Air up, you’re actually just drinking water but tricking your mind into thinking otherwise.

Get the whole gang excited about drinking more water too

A group glow-up? Absolutely. A huge motivational trick if you’re struggling to drink your water is to get others involved. Keep each other motivated, hold each other accountable, and add a little fun to your healthy group project. Whether you get your work colleagues, your friends, or even your family involved, you’ll look and feel better collectively.

For those who need a nudge (or three)

If you’re in need of some maternal-like prompts to drink your water, then you’ll be glad to know that you’re not alone. The Ulla smart hydration reminder acts as a soft reminder that you need to actually drink water to avoid dehydration. The gadget can be attached to your water bottle and ‘blinks’ when you haven’t touched it for a set period of time.

Eat water-rich foods

Keep in mind that drinking more water is also about the foods in your diet. Incorporate more water-rich foods to help you along. These are the top water-rich foods to add to your plate:

Cucumber: 96% water.
Tomatoes: 95% water.
Spinach: 93% water. 
Broccoli: 90% water. 
Brussel sprouts: 88% water. 
Oranges: 86% water. 
Apples: 85% water.

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