The year is 2003. A new Disney movie has just been released and tells the story of four friends who start the ultimate girl band group. Yep, it feels like it was just yesterday since the first Cheetah Girls movie was released in theaters. And though it’s been 19 years since the ultimate coming-of-age movie graced our screens, Cheetah Girls has In fact stuck with us all this time, even to this very day.

The girl band has apparently been in talks about setting up a Cheetah Girls reunion. And, oh, how we never thought the day would come!

Raven- Symoné, one of the lead singers of the all-girl group who plays Galleria, discussed the possibility of a reunion with Adrienne Bailon.

Adrienne seems pretty open to the idea of a reunion.

According to Hypebae, “The That’s So Raven alum was asked about a reunion with Bailon recently and she seems super open to the idea. “You know what, if it’s with her,” she teasingly told E! News. “You know.”



Raven is proud of Adrienne and all of her accomplishments

Despite past conflicts of separation with The Cheetah Girls, Raven is very proud of Adrienne and all of her accomplishments.

“There’s nothing but good vibes between these amigas, cheetahs for life.” Said Hypebae. “Raven said she feels “proud” of Bailon and all her accomplishments, one which includes a new role on E! News. Raven added, “Congratulations, Adrienne! I’m so proud of you! Good for you, boo.”

They recently worked together


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And though the Cheetah Girls had to eventually grow up and part ways, Adrienne and Raven have still worked together over recent months. “The pair reunited on the set of Raven’s Home.” Said Hypebae.“The writers came to me,” Raven told the outlet last year. “I think we had done like the first episode and they were like, ‘Are you friends with Adrienne?’ And I was like, ‘Adrienne? You talking about my chuchi? Yeah, of course!’ And the next thing I know she is the principal of Bayside High, killing the game.”