One of the most important elements to enjoying your workouts and getting them to work for you is staying consistent. This means going to the gym even when you just feel like crawling into bed or taking a walk around your neighborhood the next time you call your best friend instead of lounging on the couch. If you're on the road for a business trip or on vacation with your family and friends, it can be even easier to slip up and fall off track with your workouts. But one program is making it easier to stay fit on the go.

Sure, tons of hotels have fitness centers. But if the equipment is outdated or the space is packed, that can be discouraging. And honestly, sometimes it can be just as hard to find the motivation to leave your comfy home-away-from-home for a workout as it is to leave your apartment. So that's where the Five Feet to Fitness program from Hilton Hotels and Resorts comes in. If you stay in one of these rooms, you'll have access to a complete "Gym Rax" fitness station that stores equipment of all kinds, so you can have a thorough and diverse workout.

There are 11 fitness accessories that you can use to do everything from meditation and yoga to body weight and HIIT workouts, providing something for everyone. There are even guided tutorials and classes for beginners and a stationary bike to round out your options. You're almost guaranteed to have a solid vacation workout in one of these rooms.

The rooms can currently be booked for about $45 more than the standard room costs in Parc 55 San Francisco and Hilton Mclean Tyson in Virginia, but they hope to expand to cities such as Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York and San Diego soon.

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