Solange Knowles has been noted for setting the blueprint for art, performance, music and style. Whether it’s her catapulting subversive basic tops and pieces to the top of trending fashion or doing modern western with chaps, cowboy hats and boots, it’s apparent that the artist is a style icon.

How To Steal Solange Knowles’ Style?

No matter the era of her life, Knowles’ references and inspirations go past appearance and what’s trending. It goes further into ancestral emblems and the afro-futurist theories and practices.

Drawing inspiration from Afrofuturism and Afro-Western aesthetics, the multi-generational talent seamlessly blends elements of both into her distinctive look. Her penchant for vibrant colors, intricate patterns and avant-garde silhouettes reflects Afrofuturism’s exploration of African diasporic identity and future possibilities. Knowles incorporates Afro-Western aesthetics by infusing her style with nods to African African heritage and Western influences, creating a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity.

Through her sartorial choices, she celebrates the richness of African culture, while embracing contemporary global trends. This results in a style that is both timeless and culturally relevant. Whether she’s wearing bold prints, sculptural designs or intricate embellishments, her fashion sense serves as a testament to her artistic vision and cultural pride. It inspires admirers worldwide to embrace their own unique identities with confidence and creativity.

Best Pants

Telfar Thigh Hole Track Pant

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Telfar

As a longtime friend and collaborator of Telfar, Knowles’ style matches perfectly with these thigh-hole Track Pants. Drawing inspiration from Western chaps, they embrace a casual athletic aesthetic that’s effortlessly wearable. It’s easy to channer your inner Knowles by rocking these chocolatey brown pants, paired with a statement top and casual heels. It’s an effortless blend of comfort and style.

Best Oversize Blazer

RZIV Womens Casual Long Sleeve Lapel

As someone who considers the stage her office, Knowles has a penchant for wearing blazers that exude effortless style. She often chooses oversized blazers, reminiscent of the early ’90s aesthetic, and pairs them with a simple white tee. Whether it’s for a casual off-stage look or attending a ballet, she finds the perfect balance to dress up or dress down a blazer.

Best Oversize Pantsuit

PRETTYGARDEN Womens 2024 Fall 2 Piece Outfits

Elevate the blazer game by pairing it with matching pants, creating a powerful pantsuit moment. Knowles has been spotted rocking pantsuits on various occasions. She embraces the legacy of the pantsuit wholeheartedly, even donning one on her wedding day, complete with a full train. The pantsuit isn’t just a classic choice for women in music, business and beyond. It also offers versatility. With the right silhouette or accessories, it’s effortlessly transformed into a feminine or sensual statement piece.

Best Onepiece Bodysuit

Frankies Bikinis X Out From Under Cruise One-Piece Swimsuit

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

While it may not be traditional attire, Knowles’ incorporates intimates and swimwear into her everyday or casual looks. As someone as proud of her Cancer sign, it’s no surprise she might opt for a swimsuit as part of her everyday wardrobe.

Best Crochet Piece

Mango Crochet Flower Mini Skirt

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Mango

Netted and crochet pieces are staples in Knowles’ summer wardrobe. Whether she’s lounging near a body of water or attending a late-night party, she’s unafraid to show a little skin when styled appropriately. The breathable holes in these garments make them ideal for hot summer outings, providing both style and comfort in equal measure.

Best Sheer Shirt

DIOTIMA Ruched Sheer Top with Crochet-Trim

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Bergdof Goodman

As mentioned, Knowles isn’t afraid to showcase a little skin, even if it’s through a sheer long sleeve. She would likely pair this with high-cut shorts and boots, creating a look that’s perfect for the approaching festival season.

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