The Toronto-born, Charlotte-raised actress, author and chef Ayesha Curry is wife to force-on-the-court and four-time NBA Champion Stephen Curry. While he’s also known as Chef Curry for cooking up plays and points, Ayesha does her strategizing in the kitchen and the boardroom.

For over 20 years, this husband-and-wife, lover and parent duo has held it down, supporting each other through marriage, athletic competition, a bachelors degrees and a home cooking show. No matter the feat, they’ve maintained an open and loving outlook on their lives together. Three children and two individual yet budding careers later prove that these spouses have figured out the true meaning of partnership. So who is Stephen Curry’s wife? Let’s dive in.

Steph and Ayesha Meet as Teens

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Steph and Ayesha met when they were 14 and 15 years old at a church event in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their families, active in the ministry, emphasized the importance of faith to their children. establishing their participation early. Steph was the boy that all the church girls had a crush on, pushing him to the edge of Ayesha’s mind. However, Steph’s sister recalls Ayesha shyly saying only a few words to him often before running away. Little did they know, this would be the spark of a long-burning flame. 

Although, before that flame was lit via matrimony, the pair ran into each other in 2008 on a weekend in Los Angeles. Steph was in town for the ESPYs, an award show about which Ayesha said she knew nothing. A night on the town in Hollywood featuring chai teas and Madame Tussauds was grounds for fondness and the mid-conversation kiss that Steph attempted to plant on Ayesha. Chef Curry (on the court) would go on to win Breakout Athlete of the Year and, eventually, the heart of his longtime wife- despite Ayesha’s “no athletes” dating policy. 

The Couple Gets Engaged

It didn’t take the couple long to develop serious feelings for one another with the foundation of friendship that they built years prior. “I love you’s” were exchanged, with time and sincerity, leading up to a middle-of-the-driveway proposal observed by both of their family’s. A joint cookout in 2010 was the perfect place and time to demonstrate his love for Ayesha promising a life of love to her and their families. Getting down on one knee, followed by sweet words, hugs and kisses set the stage for the couple to seal the deal in the next year. On July 30, 2011, the sweethearts wed in North Carolina amongst their closest friends and family. 

Steph and Ayesha Become Parents In 2012

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The Curry’s welcomed their first bundle of joy, Riley, in the summer of 2012. They celebrated via Instagram posts characterized by excitement for this new adventure. As she grew, all eyes were on Baby Curry and her on-the-court antics of hugs and kisses shared with Steph for good luck. Over the last six years, Riley has become a big sister to her two siblings Ryan, born in 2015, and Canon, born in 2018. 

Ayesha Becomes a National Bestseller and Show Host In 2016 

In her first book, the award winning “The Seasoned Life,” Ayesha shared over 100 of her family recipes that have become favorites over the years. Her passion for cooking has created even more excitement around family-time especially when Steph’s in the middle of training or finals. With Ayesha’s kitchen being at the center of her home and heart, following some renovation, she welcomed The Food Network into her life and that of her family. The recipes that garnered a national bestseller and memorable dishes at her Bay Area-based restaurant became the backing of her show on which she built confidence and the start of a solid career. 

Ayesha’s from-scratch sustenance has also stirred interest in her children, leading them to offer prepping assistance in the form of chopping; a proud moment for her as both a mother and a food expert. The restaurateur opened her first restaurant, International Smoke, alongside renowned chef Michael Mina where they serve a twist of barbecue and other international items. They’ve also opened other locations in Del Mar, and Las Vegas.

Ayesha Feels The Pressure

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Pressure has a way of either exposing the cracks or creating the illusion of them. Despite becoming a multi-hyphenate success, the wife and mom publicly expressed feeling unwanted. Steph Curry who gained the respect of his teammates, leaguemates and fans also has millions of eyes on him from lady admirers as well. The Baby Face Assassin is desirable, both on and off the court, which allegedly caused some doubt for Ayesha.

She publicly stated that she lacked the male attention that Steph received from lovers of his good looks. Despite the questions and assumptions that developed as a result of her statement, Steph showed his support later launching their family-founded charity Eat. Learn. Play. The organization, founded in 2019, aims to end childhood hunger by increasing access to quality education and active lifestyles.

This wasn’t the only time she found herself introspective. This is coupled with a reflection in 2021 that soon after becoming a wife, Ayesha became a mother to her and Steph’s first child, Riley. She says she needed some personal time early on and described it as an emotional decision. It was during that solitude that she discovered she was pregnant which hadn’t yet been factored into her life nor her life with Steph. She said that while other people had a bit more time to figure themselves out, she was bringing life into the world and becoming responsible for it instantly. While the concurrence of these events felt heavy, Ayesha allowed it to motivate her towards achieving several of her goals. 

The Couple Celebrate Their 8th Wedding Anniversary

In an Instagram post, Stephen seemed to address their “ups and downs” saying that they’re a part of growing up and growing strong. Having gotten together in their late teenagehood, The Curry’s have gained insight on how to navigate their marriage: steer clear of anything that shifts their attention or love away from one another. Soon after, Steph celebrated his wife via a vacation flick in 2020 captioned by the words “one and only” followed by a heart emoji.

In 2020, Ayesha became a New York Times Bestseller via her second book entitled “The Full Plate” which held recipes focused on flavor and minimal time spent in the kitchen. For fellow moms on-the-go and general fans of her work, this cookbook was welcomed and pushed Ayesha in the direction of editorial expression via her lifestyle magazine “Sweet July.” Through a blend of food and home, the multi-hyphenate brought her dreams to life in 2021: for customers to experience in their own kitchens and throughout their homes. She opened her store in Oakland, CA. 

They Continue to Be a Power Couple

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Together, The Curry’s launched the initiative in hopes of empowering young women in every facet of their lives, ranging from financial assistance to career opportunities. In a speech, Steph spoke to the importance of this support not only as a #girldad, but as a member of the National Basketball Association. Both chefs have emphasized the importance of their children seeing themselves in both their individual and joint business ventures. 

In celebration of 10 years together, and a shared life with their two children, the couple renewed their vowels with their friends and family as witnesses. And, when Steph made history by setting the NBA record for the most career 3-point shots of all time, Ayesha expressed how proud she was of this momentous accomplishment. She gushed in a public post expressing her emotions for her husband’s win. It was also around this time (in 2022) that she slammed “open marriage” rumors referring to them as demonstrations of disrespect in response to their fans. His wins are her winds and hers his as time and their commitment to one another have proven. 

Steph and Ayesha Become Co-hosts

As co-hosts and co-executive producers, the couple went into business together again through their game show, “About Last Night.” A shared organization revealed their longing desire to work together on the production front. With loaded schedules personally and professionally, Steph and Ayesha are viewing this venture as another opportunity to share space and time while learning, growing and having fun. This sentiment also carried over to Steph’s graduation from Davidson College and receiving his diploma years after leaving to enter the NBA Draft. Ayesha acknowledged his achievement and celebrated the landing of her Sweet July brand in Bloomingdale’s. 

In November 2023, Steph & Ayesha Curry spoke to the dynamics of their home, particularly that of their shared closet. With looks to serve ahead of games, cooking show appearances, and moments with family, both chefs have an array of options to don. However, Steph alluded to (while clearly stating) that Ayesha’s clothing takes up the most room. If a debacle at all, this one appears minor in the world of these teenage sweethearts who’ve made it through bumps both publicly and privately, individually and as a unit. We continue to wish them more years of love, connection and commitment to their joint efforts at home and in the world.