Stocks, Bonds & Cocktails is 21Ninety’s podcast dedicated to providing women with the financial guidance tools they need to excel and grow their wealth. Marsha Barns, our host and founder of The Finance Bar, will be sitting down with boss women within the financial industry to share amazing advice and lessons learned, all while sipping delicious cocktails from our friends at Patron. On this premiere episode, Marsha sits down with finance expert and founder of Finances Demystified, Dominique Broadway, to explore the ins and outs of the financial world as well as the importance of cultivating generational wealth within families to create long-lasting financial stability. 

This week's cocktail: the Paloma.


Dominique Broadway is an award-winning Millenial Personal Finance expert and therapist that uses the power of her influence to empower others to turn their dreams into a reality. 

Dominique’s career launched after earning her Bachelor’s and Master's degree in finance, where she cultivated a deep passion for financial literacy. As a result of her driven passion, Dominique created Finances Demystified to help others live their truth through accumulating wealth. She has invested over $10 million in the industry, as well as receiving numerous accolades for her work such as being named Top Money Expert by Go Banking Rates, Top 30 Under 30 in Washington D.C, Nominated Change Maker of The Year, and more. 

The millennial money expert has made it her mission to impact young professionals by giving access and resources typically reserved for others in a position of power to succeed. Her one on one Masterclass, Wealth Building Must-Haves, Entrepreneur Must-Haves, and other financial resources, help to serve others by mapping out their financial roadmaps while providing them the proper tools to be able to navigate common financial challenges and hardships. 

When identifying the topic of generational wealth, Dominique is no beginner when it comes to creating a long-lasting legacy for her family. Since her childhood, she’s had numerous businesses that have helped her further understand the importance of having different sources of income. Her drive and passion for the financial world were accumulated and deeply rooted through her upbringing. 

“When I was seven years old, I started my first business throughout my childhood, even in college. I started a company that taught kids how to use computers. I was always looking for ways to make money, so it was just something that you know because my family expressed the importance of it. It wasn't something that I would ever shy away from because money is a huge part of our lives.”  

When asked why creating a financial legacy is important in accumulating generational wealth, Dominique expressed the importance of her role as a mother and in being able to provide for her family by leaving a lasting mark on her children and their children after. 

“Everyone has their own wisdom. I think one of my wishes is definitely creating a legacy and really just being able to provide a financial foundation for my children to stand upon, meaning that when they grow up and as they get older they are never having to worry about money.” 

Dominique adds, “I think that it's really important if you're able to accumulate wealth. It’s really important for me because we don't want our kids to come into this world and stress about a lot of things that maybe we once had to.”  

Dominique’s expertise comes at a time when the importance of financial literacy has never been more pivotal. In the wake of an ongoing pandemic and an economy that has constantly been on the brink of collapse, Broadway’s insight is helping to further propel the Black community in unimaginable ways and is providing a gateway for Black women trailblazers to continue difficult yet much-needed work. 

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