It’s almost that time of year again –and no, we don’t mean Fall. The weather is cooling down, and the leaves are starting to change colors. What else could it be but silk press season? That perfect time of year that’s cold enough to keep you from sweating out your edges and warm enough that there’s no snow to make your silk press revert. As summer comes to a close, the girlies will all be trading in their knotless braids for sleek straight natural hairstyles. 

Lucky for team straight natural, there are definitely products out there that can keep your silk press bouncy, shiny and bone-straight longer and help you preserve your curls in the process. Shop the Sephora products featured here to keep your silk press looking right.


Treat your hair to nourishing hydration

If you want to get the most out of your silk press you need to deep condition before you apply heat. The right deep conditioner will be packed with nutrients and hydrating oils that will protect your hair from breakage while setting your hair up for heat styling. Products like the Amika Flash Instant Shine Hair Gloss Mask is the perfect deep conditioning treatment for your pre-silk press wash day to give your hair serious shine and strength before applying heat. 

The ingredients in the mask are the perfect way to infuse shine and load your hair up with strength-giving ingredients. The hydrolyzed flax seed moisturizes and softens hair while gifting your hair with swoon-worthy shine. The mask’s amino acid complex supports your hair’s elasticity. Bonus: naturals who use the Amika Flash Instant Shine Hair Gloss Mask can keep their colored hair vibrant for longer, too.


Protect your hair from damage

One of the most amazing things about natural hair is its versatility. You can rock your hair in two-strand twists, braids, blown out or straight. But straightening your hair too often without the right products to protect it, can lead to damaging your natural curls. 

Prepping your hair to protect it from heat styling is another essential part of caring for your straight natural hair. The JVN Complete Nourishing Hair Oil Shine Drops work to protect your natural hair from damage and add shine in the process. The silicone-free oil infuses your hair with strength, softness and shine. Ingredients like the hibiscus extract provide antioxidants to prevent damage, the hemisqualane adds strength to your hair, and meadowfoam esters add gloss and shine. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, apply this oil and style to get the best results.


Get your ends together

Ends will make or break your straight hair. Dry, damaged ends can take away from the sleek, bouncy look of your silk press and the style may not last as long. Apply the Kérastase Chroma Absolu High Shine Gloss Treatment for Color-Treated Hair to your ends and rinse after 15 minutes. It heals your ends, protects your ends and adds major shine to your silk-pressed hair. The healing acid blend (Amino Acid, Lactic Acid, and Tartaric Acid) targets your damaged hair to bind it together to heal and prevent further damage.

Give your hair the silk press it deserves with the best products from Sephora. Your silk-pressed hair will be bouncy, shiny and silky straight for a long time. 

This editorial is brought to you in collaboration with Sephora.