Restaurant chain, Sugar Factory, known for its dazzling drinks, is facing allegations from one Atlanta mother who claims the establishment served her 11-year-old daughter alcohol.

According to WSB-TV, the mother, Souljah Perdue, claims that the incident occurred when she took her daughter out to celebrate her birthday with friends. While Perdue and her guests were enjoying the birthday dinner, staff approached the table to give out complimentary drinks. Reportedly, she was under the impression that the adults were given alcoholic shots and the children were given juice. Quickly, she realized that wasn’t the case.

An Alleged Slip-Up

“I couldn’t believe it. It’s something I have never heard of. I was really like how could they make this mistake?” Perdue told the outlet. “This tastes really like a shot. Mine tastes really like a shot. I start looking around. I’m looking at my daughter and I’m seeing the other kids and they’re making these faces. ‘I think it has liquor in it.’ I told the manager what happened and he’s looking disturbed, he’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, I told them non-alcoholic shots.”

According to WSB-TV, the youngest child in attendance was three years old. Perdue recorded a video of the staff filing an incident report following the drink mix up. In the video, an employee could be heard admitting to serving the minors alcohol. The staff member said they accepted full responsibility and that the drinks should not have been made.

Officials at the Sugar Factory assured Perdue that she would receive a call from corporate to rectify the alleged incident. Unfortunately, the angered mother said she has not received any updates since the day of the incident.

“They’re not answering no calls. They’re like nothing happened,” she said.

WSB-TV reports reaching out to the chain as well, to no avail. A reporter from the outlet said that after an employee from the Atlanta location did pick up the phone, but immediately said “no comment” and instantly hung up.