The role of the rich auntie is serious. One must be fabulous but also remain fun and full of life in the eyes of those who love and admire her the most, her nieces and nephews. Aunts are the ones to help introduce their sibling’s children to new life experiences which may at times include luxuries. In the summertime moms can go to the rich auntie of the family to get a temporary, but likely much-needed, break from parenting. There are plenty of fun things rich aunties can do with children.

Sporting Event

Even if you (or the child) aren’t necessarily a big sports fan, go to an event anyway. Sometimes, the game’s fan experience is way more enjoyable than the actual game itself. Plus, you never know which celebrity you could run into, creating a sweet memory for a child.


Speaking of celebrities, if there is a singer and rapper that your little guy or girl loves, consider getting tickets to their concert. If it’s age-appropriate, of course. If a budget isn’t a concern, splurge on the tickets to get the best seats in the house.


If you don’t think they are quite ready for a concert, maybe a night of karaoke would be more of their speed. Have fun belting out some of their favorite songs at a karaoke business. You could also do it at home in comfortable pajamas, standing in front of the television or using a home karaoke machine.

Picnic at the Park

Grab the blankets and baskets! Fill them with food and drinks for a nice day out in the sun. Take a moment to relax with snacks, music, or kid coloring books (ones for adults, too). If you have bicycles, bring those along for a ride to enjoy the breeze together.

Escape Room

Put your niece or nephew’s instincts to the test with an escape room. This is a great way to use their puzzle-solving skills for the challenges, while also bonding with you since this requires you to think together.

History Museum

Knowledge is power. Just because school is out, it doesn’t mean that kids have to take a break from learning. Especially if it’s about their own culture or community. Find the nearest history museum for an educational dive into the past. The best part is that most museums have free admission.


Playing with colors is a great way to let loose and get creative. If you want a more guided experience for yourself and your little people, search for an actual painting class. You can work on a similar piece and have a memory that you all will cherish. If you want a more relaxed environment, head to an arts and crafts store. Pick up paint, paint brushes, canvases and easels. Use your space to form an accident-proof area to enjoy the creations.


Go to the grocery store to pick up a few items for lunch or dinner that your miniature bestie can help you make. Depending on their age, keep the recipe simple. If you really want to make it fun, give them their own apron and special chef’s hat to make them feel like the professionals.


Whether you are hitting the gym, a walking trail or using the comfort of your home, have fun breaking a sweat with the niece or nephew. Find a list of kid-safe exercises that they can participate in. Make sure they are dressed the part, too. If your workout gear is on point, their clothes should be, too!


If you have a green thumb, spend some time outside digging in the dirt and planting pretty flowers. Teach them the basics of gardening and all of the care that they need to keep plants healthy and colorful.

Start a Tradition

Sharing something special with a child like a tradition gives them something to constantly look forward to. This could be a weekly dinner date, an annual trip to the local theme park, or a monthly swim in the pool. Tailor the tradition to the things the child loves and enjoys the most.