Although most offices are traditionally too cold, there are still a few offices that just haven’t gotten the memo or the slack notification. While your bosses still expect you to align to the corporate office’s dress code, you also need to dress comfortably for the high heat. There’s a standard of dressing that’s expected of you when you’re at the office. These corporate core pieces will help you achieve the comfortable balance needed in the workplace.

What Do Office Appropriate Clothes Look Like?

For many offices, the dress code varies. However, it’s safe to say that in corporate settings, simple, non-distracting clothes that aren’t revealing is the standard. Whether it’s pants, skirts, dresses, or tops, it should ensure at least full coverage.

Best Wide Length Pants

Pinstripe Satin High Waisted Wide Leg Suit Pants

It’s okay to set aside the wool trousers and opt for lightweight satin pants instead. The wide-legged corporate core piece allows for breathability, which is perfect for the rising heat. The ample room within the pants, along with the material, ensures you’ll stay cool throughout your meetings.

Best Formless Dress

Universal Standard Louvre Bow Back Linen Dress

Photo Courtesy of Universal Standard

In this situation, linen is your friend. The lightweight, breathable fabric on this full-coverage dress, you can not only embrace the bow trend, but also long enough to be appropriate for the office. This corporate core piece ensures you’re both stylish and compliant with the dress code.

Best Sleeveless Button Up

Banana Republic Tailored Easy-Care Shirt

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Banana Republic

There’s nothing quite as classic for corporate attire as a button-up shirt. However, this look adapts to hotter weather by offering a sleeveless approach. It still adheres to the office dress code as it resembles a button-up vest.

Best Breathable Dress

Mango Knit Cotton-blend Dress

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Mango

A lightweight, cotton-blended earth-toned dress is perfect for a summer corporate outfit. Besides the deep V-neck, which might need to be covered up with a sleeveless button-up, it’s an ideal choice.

Best Full Coverage Tank Top

Universal Standard Cai High Neck Tank

Photo Courtesy of Universal Standard

Another sleeveless look that’s seen in the office is the classic high-neck ribbed tank. As long as it offers full coverage, it should be fine. If not, pairing this high-neck tank under a lightweight blazer would create the perfect office-appropriate look.

Best Full Coverage Dress

Universal Standard Cai High Neck Tank Dress

Photo Courtesy of Universal Standard

This dress follows the same approach of having a high neckline, but it extends below the knees. This corporate core piece is appropriate for the office. It keeps you cool and comfortable, making it an easy choice for a busy morning.

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