An undated planner is an easy way to structure your day so you don’t feel overwhelmed by to-dos. With an undated planner, you can track your daily tasks – and even your water intake. Most importantly, there are no pre-set dates that you have to stick to or a pesky monthly calendar ruining your workflow. That way, you can stay on schedule and not feel like one extra “can you hop on a call” won’t send you over the stressful edge.

ZICOTO Simplified Undated Planner To Do List Notebook

ZICOTO’s Simplified Undated Planner To-Do List Notebook is a colorful way to view your whole day on one page. You write in the date and something you’re grateful for each day. Then, it’s time to write everything down. The categories included are general to-dos, highlights of the top three things that need to be done that day, and a square section called “notes & stuff” that lets you jot down or sketch extra plans.

But, the page continues. You also have eight water droplets to track how many cups of water you’ve had for the day, along with four meal sections: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. The final two sections are a health and fitness box for you to write down your wellness goals. An appointment section also tracks who you need to talk to that day. All in all, it breaks down your day for you so you can stress less. Shop two different patterns.

Clever Fox Undated Planner PRO Daily

Clever Fox’s Undated Planner PRO Daily is an organizer designed to help the busiest people grasp their day. At the top, you put in the day, your main goal, and top three priorities. Underneath, you have a schedule that’s divided into hour-by-hour timestamps. The schedule is side-by-side with a longer general to-do list.

The bottom half of the page includes some extra motivation. There’s a section to put what you’re excited about and what you’ll do to bring joy into your day. Then, you get a grid to draw, write a quote, or put down your favorite song lyric. Lastly, you have a bar to rate your productivity. And a box to write down how you’ll improve your tomorrow. Best of all, you get sheets of stickers to customize each page of this rose gold planner.

Asten Daily Planner Undated

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Asten’s Daily Planner Undated will help you organize your day sleekly. It enables you to plan your day without additional motivation or future planning. At the top, you write the date and circle the day of the week. Then, you have your top priorities on the top left of the page. Underneath that, there’s Your to-do list with a guide to help you note what’s been done. There’s a check to note that you’ve done a task, an arrow to delay a job, and an “X” to cancel a task. Beneath that, you have your water intake tracker and your notes section.

More importantly, the entire left side of the page is an hour-by-hour tracker that goes from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Note that there’s no meal tracking anywhere on the page. So, if writing down your meals isn’t something you care about, it won’t take up unnecessary space on your planner. Shop sizes A4 or A5 are available in four colors, including the pictured black.

Taja Daily Planner Undated

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Taja’s Daily Planner Undated is for you if you need extra help planning each moment of your day. At the top, you start off easier by setting the date, circling the day of the week, and writing a note about something you’re grateful for. Then, it’s time to get detailed.

On the left side of the page, you have a priority box, a to-do list, and a meal and water tracker. On the right, there’s an hour-by-hour schedule with a circle for you to check when the task is done. Beneath your schedule is a notes section for you to write anything else that’s going on in your day. Currently, three colors are available: pink, black, and blue.

impolady TO DO List Notepad Undated Daily Planner

This impolady TO DO List Notepad Undated Daily Planner lets you view your day simply. The left side of the page is stacked with the date, top priorities, reminders for the next day, things to not forget that day, and a notes section. The left side is a list with just checkboxes. That way, you can take note of your to-dos along the way. Break them down by hour or task. It’s up to you. Shop pink or gray in a single or two-pack.

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