There’s officially one month left of summer. And as disappointed as we are to hear that – SKINN Cosmetics may have actually created the perfect product to allow us to live our summer dreams just a bit longer.


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On August 8, the brand unveiled their debut fragrance which is “inspired by the endless blue skies of Malibu, sandy surf and fresh ocean air.”

The fragrance features perfectly balanced notes of citrus and musk which not only allows it to be the perfect fragrance for the summer to fall transition. But it can also be worn by both men and women!

Its top notes are listed as bergamot blossom, neroli, and lemon peel. With middle notes of amber, oud and orange flower. And its base notes include cedarwood, sandalwood, and musk.


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In addition, the Eau de Parfum is the perfect staple for day to night wear. And it also utilizes the “technology of scent molecules to adapt to your body’s natural chemistry – creating your own unique scent with each wear.”

“With the creation of the new fragrance, I wanted a scent that I love to live my life in, and for everyone to feel the same way,” says Dimitri James, Licensed Esthetician and Founder of SKINN®. “My passion has always been to help people achieve their skincare goals, and the Fragrance was created to complement everyone’s skincare and daily routine.”

SKINN was gracious enough to allow sampling of the fragrance and it can confidently be said that this is not a fragrance that poses the possibility of its scent fading with long term wear. Nor does it need to be paired with a lotion or oil base in order for it to last.

The highlights of the fragrance is its overwhelming versatility. You can truly enjoy it in the summer months, and you’ll also love it as autumn comes to be. Whether you sport it day or night – or even hand it over to your boyfriend to wear – it’s the perfect fragrance to compliment your day.

And available at a price point of $56 – this fragrance is truly a must-have.

Shop SKINN Cosmetics’ debut fragrance here!