If you've ever been to Target to grab a few groceries or toiletry items for the week, you've surely experienced the Target effect. You know, that moment when you find yourself wandering down every aisle, filling your cart with items you don't need simply because it's there and it's affordable. But what if you could avoid getting sucked into Target's allure and still get your must-have items without waiting the typical 3-5 days for traditional shipping?

This solution is on the horizon thanks to Target's latest acquisition. By acquiring Shipt, an online platform specializing in same-day shipping, Target will be able to tap into a network of more than 20,000 personal shoppers to take people's orders.

For $99 per year, shoppers will be able to receive same-day delivery on some of our favorite products — including the recently expanded beauty items that Target offers. Stores across America have expanded to include more eco-friendly, natural beauty products as well as cashing in on the K-beauty trend with their partnership with Glow Recipe. 

Photo: WWD

So if you're sitting at home, wishing you had a face mask to soothe your soul for the night, one more product in your wash-day routine, or you realize you ran out of your favorite brow gel a day before date night, Target will be just an order away. These changes make the brand competitive with the online shipping programs like Amazon Now. 

Moving forward, getting your favorite beauty products (and avoiding getting lost in their many exciting aisles) will be beyond convenient. Look out for this new feature to roll out in early 2018 for some stores and by the end of the year in all major markets.