When earth and water see eye to eye, it makes for something beautiful. Think beaches, infinity pools and a perfectly splash-able rain puddle. They spark relaxation, reflection and joy. Now, when these two elements are at odds, they have the capacity to damage everything around them. That is the dynamic of a relationship between a Taurus and a Pisces: a force when they’re together. Whether coworkers, friends, lovers or partners, this bull and fish admire and learn from each other’s differences. Join us as we dive into the ring of Taurus and Pisces compatibility.

What Are Taureans Like?

Born April 20 through May 20 and ruled by Venus, these signs see nothing wrong with investing in comfort. Their homes are their sanctuaries and when you’re invited to experience it, you’ll enjoy it too. They understand the importance of rest for rejuvenation and to continue running the race. These bulls are unstoppable once they establish a focus and are reliable in getting the job done. When they aren’t executing and taking over the world, they’re relaxed and sensual. If you enjoy cuddling to a comfort movie or a glass of wine and a good meal on the couch, Tauruses are your partners in recline. Just steer clear of their tempers by showing respect and having good manners and you’ll be back in their luxurious abode before you know it. 

What Are Pisces Like? 

Born February 19 through March 20 and ruled by Neptune, these signs are masters of creativity and dreaming. They live in a boundless fantasy (that’s their reality) where no goal is too big or bold. These fish are driven by exploring and motion so they’re known to achieve the task, too, when it doesn’t reflect badly on them. Their convictions, whether morals or political stances are often known by the people around them as they’re constantly thinking (out loud) of ways to change and refine. Not accustomed to staying in one place, these signs are adventurous and accepting. Take a trip to Paris or the bodega down the block and Pisceans are down for the ride. Making plans on how to rebrand or pivot, Pisces are there to listen, inquire and inspire. 

Taurus and Pisces Romantic Compatibility

Thoughtfulness gets both of these signs going, no matter the time or place. Decorate a Taurean’s home with their favorite items and craft a night in; that’s when you’ve got them where you want them. Take a Pisces on an art gallery hop near the water and you’ll open them up to express their dreams and desires. In their expressions, however, Taureans are just as detail-oriented, keeping your comfort in mind. They might offer you a massage or schedule a joint mani-pedi because, for them, beauty and comfort go hand-in-hand. When a Pisces wants to woo you, they’ll prepare an experience that shows you who you are and what they love about you. Reflection whether visual or through speech is their way of connecting with themselves and the world around them.

Taurus and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

In a Taurean’s quarters, you will find decor that welcomes you even for a nightcap. Candles may be lit to entice the envisioning of the spark that exists between you and them. Their determination and attention-to-detail make them excellent lovers particularly when in the company of a Pisces. Lovers of the experience, Pisces are open to moving their bodies and showing parts of themselves that will amplify sensuality and sensation. Also a sucker for the niceties, Pisces will lace their spaces with moodsetting memorabilia. There for the night or the long haul, these signs differ from their flame friends, the fire signs. However, that doesn’t stop them from capturing the slow-burn that is Taurus and Pisces sexual compatibility. 

Taurus and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

In friendship, Taureans and Pisceans are equally as complementary. They work as a team in the office, reinforcing the rules with compassion and tact. Away from boardrooms, they reminisce on days spent at the spa or late dinner-drink dates before their favorite artists’ performance. Together they feel so honesty flows in exchanges of emotion. The only space for disagreement may occur over a Taurean’s stubborn ways or a Pisces tendency to evade. Otherwise, this bull and fish meet in the middle at the edge of land and the shore of the waters. Calm and comfort characterize Taurus and Pisces friendship compatibility. 

Are Taurus and Pisces Compatible?

Certainly– in a celebration of differences and similarities! They don’t need to share the same thoughts on every point or embrace the same styles in their wardrobe. They’re opposites who attract in the most complementary way. What matters to them is the experience and how it makes them feel whether friends or more than friends. That shared sentiment alone sparks an abundance of activities to explore and memories to make. Those that have already been made can describe the bond between these two: what’s understood doesn’t need to be explained.