A fiery red lip has long been recognized as a bold beauty statement. Red lipstick is usually associated with power and femininity—especially for Black women. Black women have often been and still are discouraged from wearing a bright red lipstick. It’s hard to forget the controversial statement from A$AP Rocky, who claimed that dark-skinned Black women shouldn’t wear red lipstick.

“But for real, for me, I feel like with the red lipstick thing it all depends on the pair of complexion. I’m just being for real. You have to be fair-skinned to get away with that,” the rapper said.

This misguided beauty advice sparked a wave of tired debates and conversations about what colors work on Black women and what doesn’t. So, when Tems took to the Coachella stage with a 90s cherry red lip, it ignited something inside those watching who look like her. Tems demonstrated on that Coachella stage and in her Instagram post that there are certain ways to make red lipstick more wearable and casual for Black women.

Why a Red Lip?

Despite the unwelcome discourse around what Black women should be doing or wearing, red lipstick is actually a wonderful option for darker skin tones. The combination of deeply melanated skin and a ruby red pucker is unmatched. That doesn’t mean finding your perfect shade is easy. In fact, pulling a red lip off right can feel intimidating. As Tems exemplified it’s all about finding the right shade to compliment your tone.

21Ninety has rounded up 5 red lipsticks, lip liners, lip oils, and more that are dupes to the shade Tems wore. These are a great place to start on your red lip journey.

Best Matte Red Lip Stick

Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick — “Vendetta – dark red”

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Pat Mcgrath

Pat McGrath has consistently taught us the ins and outs of a red lip. This specific matte red lipstick works for this look because while it’s not a bright cherry red, it still has the true tone of a 90s red, and you’re able to build it up or take off as much as you’d like because it’s a matte lipstick.

Best Long-wear Liquid Lipstick

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color — “Underdawg”

If there’s one person that has Black women in mind when it comes to creating beauty products, it’s Rihanna. This liquid lipstick is not only long-wearing and comfortable, it’s also the truest red to the Tems wore.

Best Nourishing Red Lip

Glossier Ultralip — “Cranberry”

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Glossier

If the idea of wearing a red lip intimidates you, then the Glossier Ultra Shine is the perfect place to start. This Glossier product is known as the “cashmere sweatpants of lipstick” for a reason. It offers shine and transparency making it easily buildable. You can tailor your red lip look to your preference for the day. If you’re used to lip glosses and balms, this lipstick provides a similar sensation but in a lipstick format.

Best Red Lip Liner

Nars Precision Lip Liner — “Ride It”

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Nars

It’s evident Tems doesn’t simply apply a shiny red lip product as the first and final step of her look. It seems that she uses a darker lip liner on the line of her lips to tone down the brightness of her red lip. This dark red lip liner will help cool the tone of your red lip.

Best Red Lip Oil

E.l.f. Cosmetics Glow Reviver Lip Oil — “Red Delicious”

Lip oils are all the rage these days for their nourishing formula and lightweight feel. Try this E.L.F Cosmetics Glow Reviver Lip Oil in “Red Delicious” for maximum shine atop your red lip. It won’t impact the color and tone too much, and will help you achieve a truly shiny cherry red lip.