“Court Side Style” appears semi-annually around the time of Wimbledon and other global tennis tournaments. While tennis core may seem fleeting, it consistently returns to remind everyone that dressing with the flair of a country club member can be just as satisfying as paying a pretty penny to attend one.

With the upcoming release of the Zendaya-backed movie, “The Challengers,” which centers around a love triangle of tennis players, there is sure to be more “tennis-core” than usual. If Zendaya is involved in something, it tends to catch on, especially when she collaborates with celebrity stylist Law Roach. In preparation for the movie, here are five essentials that incorporates “tennis-core” into your everyday wardrobe.

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Why Wear “Tennis-Core”?

Besides the sport that heavily influences it, ‘tennis-core’ reminds everyone that a simple, sporty style with a touch of casual luxury is likely to withstand the test of time. The evidence is seen in the resurgence of vintage Ralph Lauren campaigns, the renewed popularity of Lacoste, and the rise of sporty and sophisticated brands like Sporty and Rich. Princess Diana in the 1980s has long been an inspiration for this trend. Her style continues to influence fashion in 2024 on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Whether you’re on or off the court, it’s a good reminder that dressing well, even in casual circumstances, is essential.

Best Tennis Dress

Frankies Bikinis Swift Dress

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Frankies Bikinis

The best thing to come out of tennis core fashion has to be the skirts and dresses. This ultra-stretchy and well-intentioned designed dress makes it easy to transition from on the court to off the court. Skirts and dresses haven’t gone out of style. The consciously fitted design leading up to the pleated ends is a great way to pay homage to the trend. It also blends with other styles already in your closet, like the coquette, Barbie and recent casual luxury trends.

Best Collared Top

Lacoste X LE FLEUR Polo Collar Sweater

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Lacoste

If there’s any brand that knows how to blend the crossroads of hinted luxury and sportswear, it’s Lacoste. This Le Fleur X Lacoste pink Polo Collar Sweater is versatile enough to be worn from a long day at work to the court right after. Designed by Tyler the Creator, the collaboration features a slightly oversized fit to ensure comfort and longevity of the shirt.

Best Tennis Skirt

Alo Yoga Varsity Tennis Skirt

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Sporty and Rich

The 2013 American Apparel tennis skirt trend dominated everyone’s Pinterest and Tumblr feeds during the indie-sleaze era. Today, the trend has evolved into a more refined style. Unlike the longer, tightly fitted American Apparel skirts with uncut edges and longer pleats, these skirts prioritize stretch and mobility. This modern era of tennis skirts focuses on utility, offering a skirt that moves with you and surpasses mere aesthetics.

Best Crew Neck

SRC Cableknit V-Neck Sweater

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Alo Yoga

Sporty & Rich has consistently drawn inspiration from the ‘Princess Diana post-court’ aesthetic. There’s a timeless quality to a deep-V cable-knit crew neck that embodies the effortless elegance of understated luxury. Whether you drape it around your neck or wear it on its own, this sweater adds a touch of preppy sophistication to any outfit, quickly becoming a closet staple.

Best Tennis Sneakers

NikeCourt Air Zoom GP Turbo Naomi Osaka

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Nike

If there’s anyone who can draw from the essence of a trend and reimagine it through a fresh lens, it’s Naomi Osaka herself. When you typically think of tennis shoes, you might envision boring, clunky white sneakers. However, Osaka sought to revolutionize this notion by introducing electric green and blue shoes that embody the silhouette of a classic Nike sneaker. The sneaker takes actual tennis inspiration, as it’s designed for speed on hard courts.

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