Actor and host Terry Crews got his big break via the beloved Friday After Next film in 2002. He was then cast in The Wayans Brothers’ White Chicks in 2004 delivering a meme-worthy performance that fans still love to this day. A four-season stint on Everybody Hates Chris, a slew of other appearances and recent hosting have made him a household name along with his charm both on and off the screen.

In a recent interview, on the Club Shay Shay podcast, he spoke about his wife and family. Over the years, he’s highlighted his appreciation for his wife and love for his children. Together, he and his wife have kept their careers going and a seven-person family functioning. So, who is the woman behind the acting-hosting legend? Here’s what we know about Terry Crews’ wife. 

Who Is Terry Crews’ Wife?

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Born in Benton Harbor, Michigan to a black mother and white father, and raised in Gary, Indiana, Rebecca King-Crews is a businesswoman, wife and mother of five with one child from a previous relationship. Her father was a musician, sparking her passion for music and eventual career in the music industry.

She and Terry Crews met as college students at Western Michigan University. Shortly thereafter, she was awarded the title of “Miss Gary Indiana” in 1984. Five years later, the couple got married before Terry Crews began a career in the NFL. Between 1991 and 1997, he played for six different teams. Through it all, they managed their careers and family. 

Dealing With Infidelity and Addiction 

In 2010, Terry Crews’ wife and the actor-host debuted their reality show The Family Crews featuring the couple and their children. For two seasons, we got an inside look at the family’s lifestyle and dynamics. In the same year, it was revealed that the couple dealt with an infidelity on Terry Crews’ part. Overcoming this struggle strengthened their beyond and restored an inspirational faith for Rebecca in Terry. Four years later, Terry Crews came forward about a porn addiction that almost cost him his marriage. Similar to their hurdle of unfaithfulness, the couple was able to face this struggle and move forward. 

Rebecca King-Crews Is a Singer, Author, Fashion Designer and Breast Cancer Survivor

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Rebeccas released her first single in 2014, titled “Can I Stay.” That same year, the couple released an audiobook titled “Stronger Together” in reference to their hurdles, learning and loving together. Over the next five years, they would repair and rebuild earning them the celebration of 30 years together in 2019. They held an extravagant party, inviting Hollywood and the music industry’s A-listers. After celebrating their love and strength, Rebecca was diagnosed with Stage I Breast Cancer which she beat. She attributes her strength to that of the support from Terry and family. Though publications inquire about the experiences that they’ve shared throughout their marriage, Rebecca credits their continued matrimony to the power of forgiveness. 

In 2021, the multidimensional momtrepreneur launched her fashion line which Terry has worn while hosting America’s Got Talent. She also released a self-titled album, Regina Madre and, since then, has expressed pride in the family of artists that she shares with her husband, Terry Crews. We wish her continued success in her career and the joy of her family.