Having a womb can be the best of times and the worst of times. It all depends on where you are in life. Sometimes, it can be a portal to a new and exciting chapter of life. Other times it can be the cause of constant anxiety, worry and unexpected stress. Womanhood, in all of its glory, is something that we’ve all had to reshape our thinking around. From gender identity lessons to alternative methods of conception; there is an ever-evolving landscape of reasoning behind a woman’s choice to reproduce…or not. With our social lives springing back into action, now is as good a time as any for all women to keep track of what’s going on downstairs.

Fertility trackers have become more popular as many women are turning to them as alternatives to birth control. Research around common issues like endometriosis, fibroids and other concerns have, in recent years, seemed to point the finger at the long-term effects of using certain contraceptives. This is leaving women with few options other than keeping a close eye on their cycles. Apps are a great way to take the power into your own hands when it’s time to decide when, if ever, you’re ready to bring life into the world. Tracking everything from basal temperature to cervical fluid, apps are crucial for women who want to enjoy incredible sex while avoiding motherhood until truly prepared. However, all fertility trackers are not equal. Here are some of the best on the market for all women. 


Ovia Fertility

Photo Credit: Samson Katt

Ovia is one of the more popular fertility apps out there and for good reasons. It not only allows for a very customized experience, with room to even keep record of how much water you’re taking in, it also offers incredible advice based on what you note about your body. For example, a history of heavy periods results in the app suggesting a test for dysmenorrhea (extremely painful cycles due to restricted space in the pelvis) or endometriosis. It also sends you reminders for when you are at the height of your ovulation for you to either take the sex up a notch or reel it in, depending on which life choices are more appealing for you at the time. 



The girls all love MyDays. As the highest rated app for tracking both fertility as well as cycle changes, this one is a favorite. You can also overwrite any information the app gives you because MyDays does a lot of the work for you, it can sometimes miscalculate things but it’s super easy to get things back on track. It also provides users with the option to forward information stored in the app to their OBGYN’s for assessment. A great way to address any issues that tracking may make apparent. 



This is the app most recommended by doctors. With a much prettier interface than the previously mentioned choices, Clue is both user friendly and super detailed. One stand out feature of this tracker is that it also breaks down PMS symptoms. A lot of women are learning that specific parts of their cycle can have an effect on their emotional and mental health more than others. Knowing what your PMS symptoms mean can make a world of difference in being able to more accurately dissect moods and feelings. It even goes as far as tracking changes in hair and skin. Hello?! Yes. 



Photo Credit: cottonbro

It’s all in the name. This one is pretty bare bones but a lot of women solemnly swear by its methods. Made by Tampax, it’s a great and easy way to stay abreast of when Mother Nature plans to show up at your door. After entering in your basic stats, the app goes about setting up the necessary dates to plan your life around, whether you’re using birth control or not. 



Come for the cute and easy to use features but stay for the community of women using the app, asking the questions we may be too self-conscious to ask ourselves and the quizzes you can take to learn more about your body. Flo is one of the more popular trackers out there and it comes highly recommended by many gynecologists. 


Eve by Glow

What this app gets oh so right is that it doesn’t only cater to women who are wanting to conceive. Even the best apps on the market are often designed to track fertility specifically as a means of helping women get pregnant, but Eve caters its information to all sexually active women, regardless of where they are in their journey to motherhood. It’s a nice and much appreciate break from the norm. 


Spot On

Photo Credit: SHVETS production from Pexels

Created by Planned Parenthood, this app is about empowering women with knowledge about how their bodies work all around. With sex experts available to answer questions in real-time and helpful features like an IUD tracker, Spot On is a great free resource for women who are looking to not only focus on pregnancy but also gain more insight into how their bodies are working.