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January is always a very interesting time of the year. Many might be looking to finally take action on their vision board goals, and some may have promised a better financial and professional situation for themselves.

Mission: Secure the bag

Two weeks before the New Year, I stumbled upon a LinkedIn post by the founder of Femcove, Laurie Nicolas, that reminded me about a burden most people would be carrying into 2019. The post stated:

“Job hunting is stressful & anxiety induced for many. It’s a long, hard and discouraging process. It’s easy to feel defeated when you’re spending hours a day searching through online job boards, formatting your cover letter & resume, constantly checking your email for a response, drafting follow up emails, rehearsing for interviews, unanswered queries & receiving rejection emails. It’s an emotional investment and it’s draining." – Laurie Nicolas

The dreaded job hunt process. This process, or as some might call it “the drought,” is a period of time when you are searching and positioning yourself for your dream opportunity and actually achieving it. During this time, you could be considering taking on a passion project or finally turning that side hustle into a full-time business. It can certainly be a long, agonizing and stressful time even for entrepreneurs — but with the right resources, it doesn’t always have to be. At least that was certainly a big takeaway message from the A Maven's World 7th Annual Conference.

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Anna Foster, founder and CEO of A Maven's World lifestyle brand, held the brand's annual brunch and conference in Boston with the theme centered around "Herstory."

According to A Maven's World News coverage, with the mission to empower women, maximize opportunities and form meaningful connections, the women’s empowerment and development event started the first Saturday of the year off strong with a full day of workshops, a marketplace featuring over 40 local businesses and a long list of influential women in business and politics.

Photo: Anna Maven / A Maven's World

Opening Keynote Speaker, Colette Phillips, CEO of Colette Phillips Communications Inc., made an important point that set the tone for the rest of the conference. “There is nothing like being a victim of someone else’s decision.” 

Whether if you’re starting a business or waiting to secure your dream job, put yourself in a position where you have the power to manage your career when you are faced with life’s challenges.

Here are some major pointers discussed at the event to help you stay relevant in this ever-changing economy:

  • 1. CREATE a "S.M.A.R.T" Goal

Setting goals provides a clear focus with a target mission to aim for. Often times, people set themselves up for failure because they set unrealistic goals with no plans to achieve them. Be S.M.A.R.T. [Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based.]  To be successful, you need to be able to divide large goals into small attainable ones. 

  • 2. don't play it safe

Playing it safe is a risk in itself. It is very easy to be complacent in life and in your career. You could be at a job you hate but need the money, or there could be a life-changing offer on the table but you're unsure if you are up to the task. As long as you've weighed the pros and cons of the situation, taking risks could open doors to unlimited possibilities.

  • 3. be authentic

  • In the age of photoshop, filters, and plenty of ego boosting, it's hard to weed through what is real or genuine these days. Human connection tends to be what people resonate with. Consumers and employers look for transparency. Does your brand have a consistent message that is credible? Does your brand create value? Find your voice, know your niche, and engage with your audience. 


Just because you've earned a degree, doesn't mean the learning stops when you leave school. The concept of lifelong learning requires consistent self-motivation for the pursuit of knowledge. You must stay up to date with trends that are happening in your industry and what you need to get ahead in the game. Here are a few sites to get you started: Udemy, Cousera, Lynda, General Assembly.

5. build a portfolio

This is the "show off" generation. Social media gives you the opportunity to put your best foot forward. Be consistent when releasing content. Create a website where you're able to showcase your best work at any time. A well-recognized brand adds value and competitive advantage.

6. FIND A mentor

Find someone who can help navigate the landscape in your business or company. This person doesn’t necessarily have to be someone in your industry, but it should be someone who can keep you grounded through negative situations and guide you to professional and personal development opportunities.

7. Don't take rejection personally

Sit in the pain and let it go. Don’t focus on the negative. Turn your losses into lessons. Being turned down for an opportunity doesn't mean something is wrong for you, it means that what you bring to the table might not match what the client or employer is looking for. Put together a list of your achievements and develop stories explaining how you overcame those challenges, so you can market yourself better the next time around. 


LinkedIn is the digital version of a resume. Your profile is the determining factor to whether someone will connect with you. This isn't Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It's a professional network. Update your professional headshots, ask for recommendations, put together a strong summary, and make sure to specify the results and achievements you have made in every position. Build your network with like-minded professionals, join group chats, comment and engaged on other content of your interest.

For more information on A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand, please visit here.  

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