If you are looking for a woman who always has her finger on the pulse of fashion, beauty and clapbacks, Chrissy Teigen is your girl! The 32-year-old model, mother and wife has successfully partnered with the cosmetic brand, Becca, for over a year now and that partnership lead her to be a special guest at Sephora’s 2018 Sephoria House of Beauty.

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“… just working with Becca and partnering with Becca has been so intriguing because the idea from the start was for it to be so very me. It was never a thing where I was gonna push things that I didn't genuinely love. And I love working with them because of that. They do colors that are natural to me and take in every single detail that I think about every product. They want it to be authentic and cool, and I don't know if any other brands would do that. I swear to you I'm just happy to be here right now because I never thought I'd get involved in beauty,” Teigen shared with Byrdie

It’s hard to believe a woman who is often looked to as style inspo did not consider getting involved in the beauty world sooner. In fact, Teigen said she never imagined her love of cooking and makeup could be brought together in such a unique way until Becca proved it was possible. 

“I always thought I'd have a cookbook, but I never thought those worlds could collide and that I'd have a collection that would showcase the cookbook, like these Lip Icings. It's so cool and fun, and I'm not sure I'd want to do anything without them… I'm a very simple person when it comes to makeup, and Becca embraces that and appreciates it.” 

Teigen likes to keep it simple, but her love for beauty is far from basic. Being as she was at Sephoria, when asked what she would do with $20 at beauty mecca Sephora, she said: 

“Hmm. I would do Becca's powder highlighter. Definitely. It's just so beautiful.”

Retails at Sephora for $19 (mini) 

And when asked how she would handle $50: 

“Oh, $50. I would do my Glow Kitchen Kit. That's in the 40s! It has a highlighter, an eye, and one matte liquid lip—this beautiful red velvet. Or the Lip Icing Kit, which has four glosses. Actually yeah, I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna pick the gloss kit.” 

Retails at Sephora for $29

Any true beauty lover knows sometimes you are willing to reach deep down in your pockets to indulge on an item you probably don’t need but still claim it as a necessity. For this practical gal, her guilty pleasure product is Crème de la Mer, a rich moisturizing cream sealed with the La Mer’s Miracle Broth

Retails at Sephora for $175

“I remember walking through airports and just begging for samples of it. Like, please, can I get a little? The Crème de la Mer ($175) is so beautiful. That's the one where I'm like, ugh, I can't believe I'm doing this. But yeah, it's my guilty thing. Because truly everything else I buy is very drugstore. Aquaphor, Covergirl Great Lash ($6). I'm really very simple, but when it comes to skincare, I'm a big La Mer girl. I was like rubbing it on my belly during pregnancy. Usually, I don't feel guilty about things but with that one, I'm like, oh man. I can't believe I do that.” 

Something else that makes Teigen go “ugh” (in the worst way) are tiny sunglasses. Popularly see throughout the summer, people went from rocking oversized shades to frames that seem to barely fit or serve their purpose in her eyes. Also in the category of dislike for Teign are orthopedic-looking sneakers. 

 “The tiny sunglasses that sit at the bottom of your eye—those are just killing me. And high-fashion orthopedic sneakers. But maybe I'm just personally offended because I look so stupid in them. I walk differently. I've tried to wear them, and everyone's just like, can't you walk normally? Even with normal sneakers. Just regular old Common Projects. I don't know how to walk. I'm like, duck-footed.”

In terms of makeup trends, the mother of two said she doesn’t mind watching people experiment and have fun, as long as she doesn’t have to sit through videos marketed as “a different way to use this wine glass" or be subjected to looking at photos that have had a noticeable FaceTune touch-up. 

“… over-FaceTuning. Everyone looking bonkers and just becoming this cherub baby face… I'm just over not seeing an under-eye. Like, I know you have an under-eye. It's ridiculous… But right now, if you don't do it, you look like the crazy one. And I don't like that. Because I don't want to be the normie! That sucks.”

So what trends does she want to see more of in 2019? Teigen just wants people to embrace what makes them, them. 

“I think I want to see more people embrace their ethnicity. Like, I love contour. I love a nose contour. I love a cheek contour. But I really want people to embrace their round face and their unique shapes. I feel like beauty has been going to the place where everyone's trying to morph into the same person, and I miss the uniqueness. I miss people embracing their little flaws, like a crooked smile or a little squinty eye. I don't want those to be seen as a negative thing. They're quirky and cute. We shouldn't try to hide those things.” 

And when asked if she has an ultimate beauty dream or goals for the future she answered: 

“I would like to age gracefully?”

Although the reporter meant business-wise, we’ll take the first answer because #same! 

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