Coconut oil has some amazing health benefits, but did you also know it can do wonders for your beauty regime, too? In fact, it’s not so much a question about what coconut oil can do, it’s more what can’t it do! From coconut oil benefits for hair to applying it as a moisturizer, let’s look at the wonders of this essential oil and how you to use it to give your beauty routine a boost.

Healthy hair

There are plenty of benefits to using to coconut oil for hair, especially if yours has become dry, frizzy or damaged. Coconut oil can give your hair a deep conditioning treatment. Its fatty acids can help trap moisture inside the strands and soften your hair.

All you need to do is rub a little oil through from root to tip, using a comb to smooth it through. Leave for 15 minutes or more with your hair wrapped in a towel, before gently shampooing out.

Luscious lips 

In addition to using coconut oil for hair, it’s great for your makeup and skincare routines too. You can even use it to deal with chapped lips. At room temperature, coconut oil is semisolid and easy to spread over sore lips. It provides a strong barrier and helps smooth your lips too.

As an added benefit, coconut oil also makes an awesome lip balm – just combine it with your regular lipstick for a glossy finish.


Whether it’s your face or body that’s in need of some TLC, coconut oil is a rich moisturizer. It’s absorbed very quickly and can give your skin a healthy glow. As well as leaving your skin feeling super soft and looking radiant, it works really well as a primer too.

Nighttime treatments

Coconut oil can also be very effective as a night cream. Apply it before you go to bed and let the antioxidant properties do their work. Tired eyes become more vibrant, dry skin becomes fresher, and even those fine lines and wrinkles could start to smooth.

Makeup cleaner

Even the most stubborn of makeup will clean away once coconut oil has done its thing. Simply wipe it over your makeup, let sit for a moment and then sweep everything away.

Its incredible cleaning properties are great for your tools too. Combine a little oil with detergent and soak your makeup brushes – they’ll come out as good as new.

There you have it – a flavor of how much good coconut oil can do for your beauty regime. Honorary mentions also go it its power as an exfoliator, teeth whitener and cuticle care.

There are so many reasons to use coconut oil, so why not give it a try!

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