I recently did a little experiment. With summer literally right around the corner, I began looking for ways to tone my body without breaking the bank with expensive personal training or a gym membership. I decided to challenge myself with a "what if." What if I consistently worked up to 50-100 pushups daily for a month? Well, I did, and the initial results were sore arms and a lot of tapping out. The easiest way for me was to do 5 sets of 10 and gradually increase to 10 sets of 10. doing 50 pushups daily

The Results

Honestly, I didn't start seeing real lines until the very end of the challenge. However, push-ups became so much of a breeze that I now incorporate them daily into my fitness routine. Just imagine what my arms would look like after a consistent 2 months! This challenge taught me that tiny changes really do go a long way. Next, I might try something to target my midsection. Maybe a core challenge? I'm looking forward to seeing how more of these daily challenges can impact my fitness and health.