Now that we’ve weathered the storm of 2020 and have grown ups running the country again, we can all breathe a little easier. Though we are all lighter now that the collective burden is gone, we still need to fully recover and that means being aware of our mind/body connection. There’s no better way to calm your mind, get your blood flowing and center yourself than with a quick yoga session. The great thing about most yoga practices is that you only need yourself and a mat, so it’s perfect for those of us skipping the gym due to COVID-19 concerns. If you’re looking for a place to start and hoping to find an instructor who looks like you, here’s a list of the best Black yoga accounts to follow to get in the flow. 


Run by Arianna Elizabeth, brightxsaltedyoga is the perfect choice for those wanting to infuse their Christian background with yoga. She usually pairs a scripture with the practice and has practices for people at all levels. The great thing about both her Youtube and Instagram is that her energy is infectious and light. She gently walks you through every pose and encourages you to listen to your body no matter what. Her 7 day yoga challenge for beginners is a great place to start. 


Samora not only offers yoga, she also stresses the importance of meditation and is a life coach. Come for the love your body deserves and stay for her stunning images and incredibly uplifting messaging on prioritizing your well-being. Her vibe is a great fit for those who have done yoga before and want to really focus on finding deep strength for getting into harder postures, fusing their practice with their goals and conquering the mental chatter that can keep you stuck in old patterns. 


Black male instructors in the yoga space can be hard to find, so Brandon Copeland’s presence is refreshing. He also includes his adorable family, a wife and three children, in on the fun—-I mean, how cute? His approach would be great for anyone trying to balance making time for yourself with working from home and parenting. His “pose of the day” posts can be helpful for those approaching yoga more recently and is great for building your Sanskrit vocabulary so that you can follow along more easily. 

Well With Noel

Megan Noel is a true gem. She prides herself on cultivating space for rest and self-care. She offers not only yoga practice but manifestation assistance through templates and resources that can help you live your best life in 2021. Her authentic approach means that you can find her dancing and rapping for her plants while also teaching you how to create your own yoga studio at home. Plus, if you’re wanting to add aromatherapy to your practice, she sells a beautiful blend of calming oils that can ease your mind and get you in the perfect headspace for clearing unnecessary stress. 

Black Girls Breathing

Though Jasmine Marie doesn’t teach yoga, breath is an essential part of our well-being. It is also the foundation to any productive mindfulness practice. What she urges us to do is to always come back to the power of our breathing. When we are upset, anxious or even just making it though our day, we can forget to simply make room to take deep inhales and exhales. You’ve probably been holding your breath at some point during this article….did you just check? See. Her daily reminders are such a great helpmate for keeping oxygen flowing properly through your mind and body making it easier to plan and execute on your goals!

In the quest for making this year your best one yet, be sure to take a moment to slow down, breathe and get in touch with your body. It’s the only one you have.