A wig glue is key to keeping your unit in place for days on end. When it comes to shopping for wig glue there are several things to consider, but safety is number one. “Safety is paramount when it comes to wig glue,” trichologist and hair stylist at IHS Hair Replacement in London, Adam Bennet, told 21Ninety. Especially, when it comes to wig glues that are designed to keep your unit in place for weeks on end. 

“It is good to research removal directions for wig glue products,” veteran hair stylist and natural hair expert Darrius Peace, told 21Ninety. “ It is also good to do a skin test to make sure that the adhesive is less likely to cause an allergic reaction,” according to the natural hair expert. That way, you can prevent any skin damage or irritation. 

How to Buy the Best Wig Glue

Along with safety, there are five other things you should keep in mind: hold, scent, water-resistance, latex, and residue. Latex and scents are major irritants for a wide range of people, so it’s best to just avoid those ingredients where possible. 

You also want to make sure that the wig glue doesn’t leave any residue. Especially if you love a lace-front, the residue will ruin the illusion that your wig is actually your hair growing from your head.  

Depending on where you’ll be wearing your wig, water-resistance is important. “[Water-resistant wig glues] will provide a shed from humidity, sweat, and from those sudden rains – and maintain a secure hold in any condition,” Bennet explained. 

Speaking of hold, consider how long you want to wear your wig. If you only want to wear your wig for a week, or weekend, you’ll want to go with a glue that’s easier to remove. But, if you wear the same wig 24/7, then consider a glue that will secure your wig for several weeks.

The Hair Diagram – Bold Hold Extreme Creme Reloaded

The Hair Diagram’ s Bold Hold Extreme Creme Reloaded is one of the most popular choices among professionals. Bennet explained that “it’s favored by many in the wig-wearing community for its reliability and durability.” 

This wig glue is water-resistant, odorless, and latex-free. And, it keeps your wig in place for up to three weeks.

EBIN NEW YORK Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray Original

EBIN NEW YORK’s Wonder Lace Bond Adhesive Spray Original is an unscented glue that effortlessly melts your lace for a look that gives scalp every time. The formula itself is vegan, latex-free, as well as oil- and sweat-resistant. 

With its nozzle you’ll be able to put the quick-drying glue exactly where you want it with no extra mess. And, you’ll get a secure hold that lasts for weeks on end.

GHOSTBOND XL Hair Replacement Adhesive

GHOSTBOND XL’s Hair Replacement Adhesive is a water- and oil-resistant wig glue that works well with any unit. With proper installation, you’ll even get up to four weeks of wear with this wig glue. 

Its formula is designed to offer a powerful hold while also being gentle on skin. “Ghost Bond XL is latex-free, making it suitable for individuals with latex allergies or sensitive skin,” according to the trichologist.

ORS Olive Oil Fix-IT Ultra Hold Wig Grip Gel

ORS has an Olive Oil Fix-IT Ultra Hold Wig Grip Gel that does more than hold your wig in place. This latex-free wig glue is infused with castor oil, burdock root, a keratin complex, and white peony to promote a healthy scalp while protecting your edges. 

It’s also sweat- and humidity-resistant, so it can handle several sweaty workouts. That said, this wig glue is best for those times when you want to wear your wig for several days instead of several weeks. It’s a great option to take on vacation, too.

Got2B Schwarzkopf Glued Blasting Freeze Hair Spray

Got2B’s Schwarzkopf Glued Blasting Freeze Hair Spray is another fan-favorite wig adhesive. It’s a latex-free spray that secures your unit into place for days on end. It’s especially good for locking down your lace front before your busy week gets going. Yes, it will help melt your lace.

This wig glue is made to keep its hold until you shampoo it out. It’s even wind-tunnel tested. 

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