This year’s 2022 Met Gala harbored some pretty incredible beauty moments. From Kela Walker to Kris Jenner– Makeup withstood the test of time this year with glowing skin and age fortifying makeup techniques that melt right into your skin.

Danessa Myricks, the BIPOC women-owned beauty brand is transcending the test of time with accessible beauty products that cater to all skin tones, types and textures. Founder of Danessa Myricks Beauty, Danessa Myricks is a self-taught makeup artist, photographer, mother, and beauty entrepreneur. Her products are formulated for creativity, multi-functionality, and are made for beginners and pros alike. “As a self-taught artist with limited resources, I had to get creative with the products I had access to.” Says Myricks on her about page. “Over the years I learned how to create stunning looks while using products in unconventional ways. I wanted every person to feel like they had found a brand that represented them and gave them the freedom to enjoy makeup. I love that no one else makes products as we do and we will continually strive to innovate in the beauty space.” 

Kela Walker

After experiencing a pivotal moment in her early career, Danessa decided to take matters into her own hands. “I was 30 at the time, and that’s where it all started, said Myricks to 21Ninety. “When the publishing company I was working for decided to close, the owner was like, I’m moving on and I want to do other things. On the other hand, I had two kids and was a single mom at the time so that’s when my life flashed before my eyes.”

She continues, “I had to really find something new after that, something that I was truly passionate about. I would see the artists come into our office, whether it was makeup artists, photographers, hairstylists, and it just seemed like their lives are just so much sexier. They had an energy of freedom, and I just loved watching the transformation. I wanted to feel good about waking up every day, doing something that inspired me, and so I chose makeup. I was like, okay, I’m a makeup artist. I had no clue what just happened and didn’t know where that would lead, but yeah, that was the beginning.”

Channeling her inner Jackie Kennedy at this year’s Met Gala, Jenner was spotted wearing Danessa Myricks Beauty with vibrant hues and all-American Guilded Age glamour. Her makeup artist for the evening and all the rest- Etienne Ortega. “ With this look, I was inspired by Jackie O and of course the 60s. I collaborated with Kris’s hairstylist since the hair was also very 60s,” Said Etienne to 21Ninety. 

Kris Jenner

Based in NYC, Ortega is a high vibe celebrity makeup artist that’s touching the faces of celebrities worldwide. From the likes of Christine Aguilera, Mj Rodriguez, Demi Lovato, Kali Uchis, Paris Hilton and Mariah Carey– Ortega’s makeup artistry is pushing the limits by making his clients feel and look their absolute best, despite their age. He is transcending the test of time through beautiful designs and showstopping glamour. 

Ortega used Danessa Myricks as the backbone of his 2022 Met Gala artistry. Here are all of the products used to keep on your radars this month and all the rest.

Yummy Skin Glow Serum

This ultra-hydrating primer helps to lock in long-lasting hold on any and all beauty looks. The Yummy Skin Glow Serum has antioxidant-rich fruit extracts such as kiwi, dragonfruit, fig and pomegranate to hydrate and protect the skin.

Yummy Skin Serum Foundation

A Lightweight hybrid foundation that’s withstanding the test of time. The Yummy Skin Serum Foundation addresses common skin concerns for comfortable, everyday wear. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and skin loving oils, this cruelty free product is a must for your beauty bag.

Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder

This texture-reducing Blurring Balm Powder helps to provide effective and long-lasting coverage, balances healthy oils, and maintains hydration throughout a full day’s wear.

Medium 3 Balm Contour Dewy Cheek and Lip Palette

Looking to lock in that perfect jawline? Danessa Myrick’s Balm Contour Cheek and Lip Palette is weightless and easy to use and gives you a naturally blended and sculpted appearance.

Twin Flames Multichrome Pigment in Serpentine

Multi-chromatic and Euphoria approved, this must-have high impact liquid eye shadow is giving ethereal dazzling pigments that are multidimensional and out of this world.