Going natural is certainly freeing, but very rarely do we discuss the price we pay. Whether transitioning from relaxed to natural hair or doing the infamous big chop, counting the costs of trial and error when it comes to hair products can be expensive. This is especially true when you don’t know what you’re doing or where to start. What if there was a simple way to guide you through your natural hair journey? Something like a fairy godmother for all things natural? Someone to make your life easy and provide you with the products and knowledge necessary to watch your TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) flourish into long luxurious tresses? I’d like to formally introduce you to Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris and Alodia Hair Care

PHOTO: Alodia Hair Care

This med-scientist turned beauty-educator is the ultimate hair fairy godmother. After experiencing damage, breakage, and dryness, Dr. Chambers-Harris decided to go natural. She crafted organic products in her kitchen that grew, nourished, and conditioned her multi-textured hair. After consistently testing her products and seeing the effects of these products on her own hair, she launched Alodia, a line of hair products that produce amazing results. 

Alodia is simple and effective. The product line has 4 style kits, each containing a proven system based on the style you want to create. (Wash n Go, Twist Out/Braid Out, Heat Style, and Healthy Hair Starter). Each kit comes with three to four products and a step-by-step guide that streamlines the wash, condition, and styling process; thus, taking the guess work out of having healthy hair.

No more YouTubing instructions on how to use drugstore hair products and figuring out what’s in them. Visit Alodia Hair Care today, and find the perfect organic hair style kit for you!

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