Authenticity wins. God wins.

I’ve always been attracted to and driven by successful people that honor God. I think it's admirable when people not only admit to their challenges, but also acknowledge the source of their strength as the tool that prepared them for said success.

This euphoric feeling is what I experience every time I listen to Jesus and Jollof, a new podcast that was created by Yvonne Orji and Luvvie Ajayi. If you don’t know who these amazing black women are, allow me to explain.

Yvonne is an actress that plays Molly on the hit HBO show, Insecure. She is also a comedian and creator of First Gena story about a first generation Nigerian-American who is going through the challenges of adapting to life in the USA. 

Luvvie is a New York Times best-selling author of I'm Judging You: The Do-Better ManualShe is also a blogger, media strategist and philanthropist.

Together, they tackle various topics related to life as ambitious, God-fearing millennial women. From the episodes “5 Nigerian Love Languages” to “From Bottom to Breakthrough”, there is something for everyone.

Recently, they dished up some success related tips during the “The Fine Print of Success” (the most recent episode) and they were all gems! As I continue to grow my business, Elevat8 Digital, I could definitely relate. I consider myself to be in my grinding season, so the tips were right on time. I’m gaining a bit more recognition, but I'm definitely not where I want to be.

I aspire to do more — more brand partnerships, more speaking engagements, more life! However, I know that every opportunity presented won’t always be a good one. They must align with my God-given purpose and give me peace. 

Below are 5 key questions that Luvvie asks herself before taking an opportunity. I had to pause and quickly jot them down:

1. Will I enjoy it? 

Who wants to do something that feels like a chore?

2. Does it pay my fee? 

No short-changing. Time is money!

3. Is it new or different from what I’ve done? 

Repetition can cause boredom, after all.

4. Does it elevate my profile? 

Will Oprah or Michelle Obama be in the room?

5. Does it put me in front of a larger audience? 

I’ve spoken in rooms of 50, does this opportunity put me in a room of 1000?

If you, similar to me, are ambitious and desire to continue to grow in your God-given purpose, I urge you to check out their podcast. It just might change your mind and your life!

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