Dear Young Love:

First, foremost and always, it is important to understand that you are worthy of everything good and perfect in this world. You will find that the world is not as black and white as you believe it to be. Be sure of who you are or the grey areas will define it for you. I know, you feel like you need to decisively label what the grey areas are or are not.

Realize that your power is not in defining these moments, but in your ability to just BE in them.

To be still.

You will be uncomfortable. Don’t resent that which challenges you, it is for your good. It won’t always feel good. But it will always be what you need. For your growth. For your betterment. You will want to save every damaged soul you meet, and you will be heartbroken when you can't. Find peace in knowing that the seeds of love you plant will be embedded in the hearts of everyone you share them with.

Truth is, you might not see your seeds grow, but you must not let that prevent you from sowing. The harvest you will eventually gather from these seeds will be more abundant than any tangible thing you can conceive.

Continue to plant. Let the Universe water.

You have the emotional capacity to endure and sustain everything you will experience. Your feelings are not facts; they will come and they will go. Let them. What seems like an eternity of unfortunate circumstances is only a brief moment. Do not let them consume you.

Let these circumstances build your character. Refusing to do so will only make you feel broken. And you are not. But your strength will be tested. Let these circumstances illuminate the fortitude within you. Refusing to do so will only make you feel weak. And you are not. But your courage will be tested. Please know that the love you so desire to give and receive pales tremendously in comparison to the love you require of yourself.

You cannot be anything for anybody which you cannot be for yourself.

You must befriend yourself before you can befriend anyone else.

You must respect yourself before you can respect anyone else.

You must cherish yourself before you can cherish anyone else.

In this way, be selfish. You deserve the greatest love of all. Live in a way that feeds your soul and do what feels right. Let the universe guide you and be confident in the person it's molding you to be. None of this is by mistake. None of this is by chance.

You will live purposefully and with clear intent. Use your gifts and talents. They belong to you and you alone. No one is able to use them in the way you are and the world needs it. The world needs you. Lastly, forever and always, remember it is important to understand that you are worthy of everything good and perfect in this world.

The best is yet to come.