You know what we don’t talk about enough? Bras. Bras are so important for many of us who want to feel good and look the best we can in our clothes. But when we talk about bras, it too often centers around Victoria’s Secret and stores like it, where we forget about function and are more focused on fashion. 

The thing is, we can't look or feel our best if we aren’t wearing the right bra for our breast size and shape. Bras are crucial for getting our tops and dresses to fall and hug in the right places. But, more importantly, bras are important for our overall physical health. They are crucial for good posture, and if worn correctly, they protect us from the neck, back and shoulder pain that can come from wearing the wrong bra size. 

In order to ensure you are wearing the right bra for your breast size and shape, you have to get fitted. This is where it gets tricky. You can't get fitted for a bra just anywhere. You need to find the right place for you, a place where you will be treated with kindness, patience and only the best service. It can be a journey to find this place. For me, it was Nordstrom. 

For years and years, I was measured and fitted for bras at a variety of stores — Victoria’s Secret, JCPenney, Soma, Victoria’s Secret again. None of the bras I bought at these stores fit well or felt good. Just last year, I ventured into Nordstrom for a bra-fitting and was given the time and space to be properly sized. I had been told several times previously I was a size 38C, 36D, even a 34D. At the time that I went into Nordstrom last year, I was given a size 32DDD or 32G — a size I never would have expected. 

That trip helped me finally find bras that were comfortable. But it took being measured dozens of times over several years to find the bra size that worked for me. Take it from me: it’s worth the time to get re-measured, even if you think you’re certain of your bra size. You might discover a different bra size or type that will change your life.   

Have you been measured for a bra recently? How did it go? Share your stories with us!