ASOS, the popular clothing retailer from the U.K., has been getting a lot of attention for their models lately. The brand recently started showing certain clothing items on multiple models of different shapes and sizes — demonstrating how great items can look on a wide variety of customers. And the internet has also noticed a new model on the site who is serving us melanin, curves and awesome authentic beauty. We love it!

Vivian Eyo-Ephraim is her name, and fans of the clothing retailer spotted her wearing a bold yellow string bikini while looking confident and beautiful. Eyo-Ephraim is represented by Bridge Models and got her start in modeling after applying to a model search last year.

In a statement to, she said the following:

"The world is a very diverse place and it’s important that consumers see brands representing and recognising all ethnicities, shapes and sizes, we want to see ourselves represented and celebrated and recognised. I think it’s incredibly important to start re-defining what is the norm, and start celebrating our individuality. The modelling world is still so new to me, to see the amazing support and response from a job I did is just incredible, I couldn’t be more grateful to ASOS and Bridge for taking a chance on me and allowing me to show the world that everybody is beautiful, no matter what their shape, size or ethnicity."

And there's no doubt that the public is happy to see representation. This tweet from Twitter user and blogger @OmgLaLaLove got more than 32,000 likes and counting

Plus size blogger @GraceFVictory praised the brand and model as well:

We couldn't agree more. Kudos to ASOS for giving models of many skin tones and body types a platform. Here's to hoping more brands show consumers their favorite products on diverse bodies!