You're in a long-distance relationship but you wonder if the two of you will be able to maintain the love and commitment long term.  One benefit of a long-distance relationship is that you and your partner can focus more on building emotional intimacy rather than make the physical connection the main aspect of the relationship.  Use technology to your advantage when maintaining your relationship.  According to a study that was published in the Journal of Communication, researchers found that digital forms of communication such as video calls, text messaging, and emails all help in maintaining a long-distance relationship.  

Here are additional ways to thrive in a long-distance relationship.

Don't Smother Your Partner

While it's fine to call your partner as often as possible, you don't want to smother him or her.  Realize that your partner has a life outside of your relationship, and just because he missed your phone call doesn't mean that he is not thinking about you or has moved on with someone else.  Look for other things to do to occupy your mind so that you're not consumed with thoughts about your partner.  Some ideas include working on a new side hustle, visiting a friend, meditation, or experimenting with new healthy meals. 

Write Real Love Letters

It also helps to write love letters to each other throughout the month.  In the letters, go beyond surface-level correspondence.  Discuss any hard times you've experienced and how your partner has helped you get through them.  If the two of you are headed towards marriage, then write about any future goals that you might have together and how you plan to accomplish them. Share sweet compliments about each other and discuss plans to see each other. This keeps your bond strong.

Be Intentional About Visits

Be thoughtful and intentional about planning visits with your partner out of town.  Choose places in your town that your partner might like based on her interests and personality.  This shows that you care about her needs and that you want to make her happy.  Don't spend so much time on your phone when hanging out with your partner, and just enjoy the moments together.

In conclusion, these strategies will help you have a meaningful and fun long-distance relationship.