As every generation gets older, they seem to shake their heads at the younger group behind them. Gen X always seems to judge Millenials. Meanwhile, Millenials have been skeptical of Gen Z for quite some time. All while Boomers have completely dissociated themselves from everyone. However, if there is one thing that time has proven time and time again, it is that regardless of age, Black girl magic is very real.

Social media has been a great platform to show how Black girls are magical beings. You can scroll just for a few minutes and find a variety of dope videos from Black women. They can teach you new skills, show you their talents, or even give you some inspiration to continue throughout your day. The most impressive part is when you come across a video of a little Black girl showing that she too, knows how to channel that energy.

Here are a few examples of Black girls who just exude magic.

Black Girls with Black Girl Magic

There is an unwritten rule that Black people are naturally born with rhythm, but should bars be added to that list? 4 year old, Vanvan, has made it clear that she’s not playing about her rhymes. According to her social media accounts, she is an aspiring Dinsey Channel actress. She has the skills for it, too. The young prodigy can sing, rap as well as act. She is also pretty hilarious! That’s Black girl magic right there!

Of course, Heiress Harris deserves a place on this list. The young prodigy has shown her vocal ability since she came out of the womb. Coming from a family of artists like her mother, Tiny from Xscape, and her father T.I., she was destined for greatness from her conception.

The youngest on the list so far is baby girl Shelanda who gives lots of Black girl magic. She has captured the hearts of many on social media by trying on wigs provided by her mother. She has tried on wigs that resemble Goldilocks, Cosmo from “The Fairly Odd Parents,” and Rapunzel. At only 1 year old, Shelanda has so much personality, you would think she has been here before.