When you're processing any trauma in your life, finding ways to distract yourself can be a temporary fix, and there is no better distraction than our social media feeds. However, it's really important that you see reminders of where you want to be and not where you are. After all, it's not called a "feed" for no reason. So, here are some Instagram accounts that can help nourish your soul on hard days. 

Black Girls Heal

It's in the name, but this account run by life coach Shena Tubbs is a great follow for those struggling to heal from love and relationship trauma. 

Highly Sensitive Person

This account is great for those feeling vulnerable or even judgmental about how affected they are by others—nothing like a great reminder that your deep emotions are not a flaw. 

We The Urban

Need some words of encouragement to go after what you want or a reminder of who you are? We The Urban is a definite must follow for a daily pep talk on everything from letting go of toxic relationships to owning your power. 

Alex Elle

This poet and author always seems to know what to say when we need it the most. Her daily handwritten reminders, as well as weekly things to consider, are a great way to boost your strength, forgive yourself when you come up short and release negative emotions. 

Black Archives

Sometimes we just need to see beautiful images and have the opportunity to give our minds a break. This archive of images of Black people throughout all eras is an instant mood booster. Just seeing us in all our glory can bring a smile to any face.