Unless you were living under a rock this past Sunday, chances are you were tuned into the legendary VERZUZ battle between Earth, Wind & Fire, and The Isley Brothers. The iconic clash of two of music's most prominent tastemakers did not disappoint. Hosted by Steve Harvey, the hits, courtesy of the world's favorite DJ D-Nice, played on for more than three hours while both groups reminded us why they've been in the business for over 50 years. 

Since last year, VERZUZ has given us back the joy that COVID-19 seemed determined to take. It's given a platform to our legends and allowed us to give them their flowers in real-time. They've recently released a schedule for the upcoming battles that are sure to be entertaining; however, there are some groups we'd love to see take the stage. 

The O'Jays v. The Gap Band

Eddie Levert facing off against everyone's favorite Uncle Charlie? Absolutely. These two groups deliver classic vocals, stage presence, and staying power that few artists have. The deep cuts, the family reunion bangers, and the ballads—we need this battle to go down. Truly. 

TLC v. Destiny's Child

Now I know what you may be thinking as these two groups are from different eras in some ways, but it's only right that two of the world's biggest girl groups face-off with the songs we all love. And, no, Bey cannot do her solo tracks. This would be strictly for those die-hard DC3 and TLC fans who want to get together with our girls and reminisce. 

Boyz II Men v. Jodeci

Two totally different groups with dedicated fanbases but honey, this could be a moment. Much ado was made about both these band of brothers in the '90s, and rightfully so. They both have great ballads, timeless hits, and vocals that are still being emulated today. The runs from K-Ci and Wanya alone would be worth the time. 

702 v. Blaque

These groups were such a good time. Both got laced with heavy-hitting tracks from some of the hottest producers and gave us songs that are guaranteed bops to this day. It would be a quick trip down memory lane and a fun one to boot.

The Jacksons v. Debarge

Listen here…this would shut the Internet down. Two insanely talented families. So many classic songs. Michael's absence would be felt but, let's face it, even if he were with us, he probably wouldn't show up. I think the Jacksons would win by a landslide, but this would be iconic, nonetheless. 

Which groups would you like to see face-off for the culture?