In last night’s Verzuz battle, we got hit after hit from Mario and Omarion all night (and we mean ALL night.) Although both of the singers were the ones going head to head, the real talk of the night was Ray-J. Interestingly enough, conversations about the singer are still going today!

570,000 fans tuned in for the duel, according to a tweet from the Verzuz official twitter page. Last night’s show was a little different that usual due to a pre-show that will be talked about for ages. Ray J and Bobby V were scheduled to go against Pleasure P and Sammie before the main act but it seemed more like everyone against Ray J.

It seemed as though there was years of suppressed animosity towards each other. During the competition, Ray J looked stressed as the other vocalists attempted to out-sing him on his own songs! Even Bobby V, Sammie and Pleasure P teamed up to harmonize on his song “One Wish” while leaving the creator out of the equation.

Twitter could not get enough of the singer’s reactions all night and of course, they were having a field day on the site.

ray j