Welcome to 2018! It’s another year, and that means you’ve made it through another 365 days of ups, downs, highs and lows. Annually, millions of people across the globe set out to make promises to themselves about the things they wish to accomplish this new year. The one downfall to New Year resolutions is that many are enacted without a plan and become short-lived. Aside from that, many people are coerced into believing that when setting goals, they should be extremely modest in the hopes that they don’t aim too high only to be disappointed in the end. Take it from an unapologetic opportunist — that is BS!

Although it’s true that tackling small goals one at a time is one of the best methods for accomplishing larger goals, no one should feel or be made to feel that their life goals are indeed larger than life. I’ve recently looked at some old Facebook posts from about four years ago when I first began dabbling in universal laws like the law of attraction. Since then, I’ve been able to achieve goals like becoming a certified Reiki practitioner and achieving my dream job. To make a long story short, any goal can be achieved if you align yourself with the frequency of that goal.

I’m an opportunist. 

Anything I want, I’m going to set out to get it. The universe has been my sensei when it comes to attracting the things that I want. This might seem extremely cocky, but in order to receive what you want, you have to act like you already have it. You have to be in places where you’re likely to receive it, and you have to believe that it is yours.

I’ve gotten away from making New Year's resolutions because I think it’s a farce. It’s a way for us to fool ourselves into believing there's only one time to get it right, one time to set goals, and one time to devise a plan. This thinking is what makes our goals fail before we can ever achieve them. New Year’s resolutions should take place more than once a year. We should constantly be journaling, envisioning and taking steps to achieve our wildest dreams. Those that are persistent see results. When you constantly move and place yourself in predicaments that can lead to you achieving a goal, the probability of achieving it increases.

So what does it mean to be unapologetic about achieving your goals? 

Well, for starters, don’t apologize for your goals. If your goal is to move to Atlanta to open your own beauty shop, that is your goal. No matter what people have to say about it or the setbacks people might speak over it, it’s OK. People will be discouraging. Everyone will not see the dream that you have for yourself, but your opinion should be the only one that matters.

Now that we’ve covered being unapologetic, how do you become an opportunist when it comes to achieving your goals? It begins with aligning yourself to the frequency of your goals like I spoke of before. Manifesting, creating realities, conjuring, etc. are layman's terms for using what you got to get what you need. We all have it. A goal has to start off as an idea, and an idea comes from the depths of our imagination. So, what’s on your mind to create? Write it down, create a vision board, create a vision journal. Whatever you do, pull your dream from the subconscious world and bring it into the conscious, physical world. Once you see your dream, the subconscious mind will follow the imagery of that dream. The more affirmations you read, the more you pledge yourself to your vision, the more the universe will grant you the opportunities to walk in the vision.

Take these steps to manifest your wildest dreams.

  1. Write out or journal your vision. 

  2. If journaling, use action works like “I am” and “I have” when describing your vision rather than “I wish” or “I want.”

  3. Do your part in opening doors for yourself (be opportunistic). 

  4. Ask around for opportunities even if they don’t exist. Network, follow pages dedicated to similar goals that you have and try to seek mentorship from people associated with the brand/service, on a smaller-scale, seek mentorship from people you know personally that have achieved goals similar to what you wish to accomplish.

  5. Get out of the house. 

  6. No achievement is going to fall into your lap. Unless you’re working on getting your vision into the world via the internet, there's no need for you to constantly be at home. When you wake up in the morning before heading to work, say aloud “an opportunity to achieve my dream of doing XYZ is coming my way.” By saying this or tweaking it to be a personal mantra of your own, the universe will communicate back to you. Don’t forget to practice mindful meditations and gratitude for the life you already have and the life you're manifesting.

  7. Get business cards printed now. 

  8. You’ll never know when you’ll need to give someone your contact info. You might be at a party and run into someone who could help further your dream (you’ve been envisioning it, right?) It’s no telling how the universe will orchestrate your big break, be prepared.

  9. Start a savings account for your goals. 

  10. When the opportunity presents itself, you’ll never know where it might take you. Saving money should always be a goal. Whether your dream is to start your own business, travel the world or start a blog, having seed money is always smart. If you can’t or don’t want to start a bank account, you can always do an old-fashioned piggy bank or a savings wall. Just tape labeled envelopes (i.e. “D.C. day trip” or “Coachella Festival 2018”) to your wall and add some money to them when you can.

There's nothing wrong with aiming high. 

As spiritual beings, anything we dream and pursue with faith can be ours. All we need is a plan and the motivation to be unapologetic in achieving our dreams and they will be ours. Happy New Year!