Black women are increasingly turning to plant-based supplements as a conscious choice for their health. Plant-based supplements offer a wealth of benefits, including natural sources of essential nutrients, improved digestion, and a reduced environmental footprint. 21Ninety has rounded up four Black-women-owned plant-based supplement companies you should know about. 

5 Black-Women-Owned Plant-Based Supplement Companies

Body Complete Rx by Samira Gore

Samira Gore leads Body Complete Rx, a company recognized for its commitment to women’s holistic wellness. The plant-based supplements offered by Body Complete Rx enhance mental health, boost energy levels, and promote overall vitality. Gore’s dedication to empowering women aligns with the brand’s comprehensive approach to health and well-being.


Photo Credit: @problk_health/Instagram

ProBLK is a holistic supplement company for the well-being of the Black community. It was founded by Howard graduate Dr. Karleena Tuggle McDaniel and her husband. They recognized a 92% vitamin deficiency in Black Americans, ProBLK’s mission spans mental and spiritual health. ProBLK actively addresses health disparities and promotes holistic wellness through accessible, culturally relevant solutions.

My Happy Flo

My Happy Flo is a vitamin supplement company established by bodybuilder Necole Kane. It explicitly targets individuals with a uterus experiencing menstrual cramps. The brand focuses on aiding Black women in alleviating monthly menstrual pain and balancing hormones. The company’s product integrates compounds like DIM and I3C from vegetables such as broccoli and flaxseeds alongside essential vitamins.

Mela Vitamins

Ashley Harmon, recognizing melanin’s impact on nutrient production and the distinct nutritional needs of melanated bodies, established Mela Vitamins. Mela Vitamins focuses on Daily Essentials, a precisely formulated combination of vitamins, probiotics, and necessary nutrients. Mela Vitamins simplifies comprehensive health with two capsules, replacing multiple supplements and catering to unique nutritional needs.

These Black-women owned plant-based companies provide effective nutritional solutions and empower women to take control of their health naturally. As more women recognize the value of plant-based supplements, these visionary entrepreneurs continue to play a crucial role in women’s health and wellness.