It's Black Love Day! And in honor of the holiday, which is celebrated on February, 13 we asked four couples what their definition of Black love is and how they exemplify the true meaning of it in their marriage. In case you're unaware of this observance, let's breakdown the history behind the commemorative day.  

It was created by the founder of the nonprofit African-American Holiday Association (AAHA) Ayo Handy-Kendi on February 13, 1993, aiming to preserve the legacy, culture, and tradition within our community. It is recognized as a day of reconciliation, atonement, and celebration. Black Love Day is also based on five principles:

  • Love for self
  • Love toward the creator
  • Love for/within the Black community
  • Love for the family
  • Love for Black people 

Let's remember that Black love is not solely limited to one day of the year but every day. More than a hashtag or social media post, it is a revolutionary act and an embodiment of our history. There was a point when Black families were ripped apart, and the idea of a union shared between two Black people was forbidden unless approved by a white person. 

This brings me to three points: 

  • Images are powerful.
  • Representation matters. 
  • Black love is a reflection of strength. 

Every chance you get throughout the 365 days of the year, pay special homage to Black love because, in the words of Issa Rae, "I'm rooting for everybody Black." Periodt. 

Ahmad & Jordana

Married 5 years 

"Black love. We can sum it up (partially) in three affirmations: I see you, I hear you, I love you. Those words mean so much when being Black in society sometimes feels like you're not always seen, heard, or loved. We all go through so much in our personal and professional lives — the challenges, setbacks, and milestones. To know that you have a life partner that has your back, believes in you, understands and accepts your shortcomings, lifts your spirits- that's the magic of marriage." 

Sean & Elyse 

Married 3 years

"Black love is a bond that goes deeper than words, gestures, praise, or adoration. It's a connection so strong that 500 years of oppression didn't stand a chance. It's a love that shines so bright that the darkness of our society disappears when they cross paths. Black love is the epitome of opulence, grace, and royalty. It's a love with such deep roots that it quite literally saved our ancestors from death and gave us life. Black love is longevity, endurance, and the constant replenishment of a well that will never run dry."

Sheldon & Xenia 

Married: 8 years 

"Black love is powerful! It's about creation and unification—a union that is aligned on positively impacting our family, community, and our legacy. Fully embracing love and being in control of the journey together, Black love is the exploration of loving someone as much as you love yourself or even more and continuing to grow together in every way.

Think of your favorite '90s R&B song and how it makes you feel because that is the essence of Black love!"

Roosevelt & Christina 

Married 2 months 

"Black love is the pathway to generational transformation. It reminds us of the power of God while keeping us humble enough to fully experience it. Black love is Rose and I coming together in agreement and service to one another. Black love is when we dance in the street to the song only he and I can hear. Black love is revealing my scars of oppression so my king can kiss them over and over again. Our love, Black love, is the constant whisper that dances through our thighs. Black love is excellence. We are Black love."