Homeownership is a significant accomplishment, and with the increasingly volatile nature of the economy, it’s also a big flex.

But if a person is lucky enough to reach their homeownership goals, customizing the space is an even bigger flex. Transforming a room from a basic set of walls to a specially curated comforting abode takes time and effort–and some creative finesse.

Knowing the house’s price might have funds a little tight, your friendly neighborhood Walmart is there in the clutch to provide trendy and affordable options to take your home from bad to bougie.

Home & Texture had the chance to pull up on social media influencer Jess Cromartie as she made her bedroom the lush, relaxing space of her dreams.

Coming home from a content creation day or the brunch your homegirls invited you to can lead to one clear desire – the urge to snuggle up in bed.

Cromartie has the added luxury of being comfortable and being supported by a BALUS upholstered linen headboard, serving as the room’s anchor and focal point.

With a neutral-colored theme highlighting summer vibes, Cromartie brings people’s eyes in more with accent pillows and chairs from Better Home & Gardens.

But no room is complete with just bedding and seating. A girl has to have some accessories, and Jess Cromartie taps in and doesn’t disappoint.

From the ceramic tabletop picture frame to the mahogany-scented candle for mood and aura, this primary bedroom is an escape from the day-to-day hustle.

If you want to know how you can recreate a similar look or put your take on taking a room from “meh” to “I see you,” visit Walmart to get into its collection of high-quality, stylish private, and exclusive brands available at an incredible value.