A new series has been added to the international “Real Housewives” franchise — “The Real Housewives of Lagos!”

That’s right, the newest addition to the wildly popular television show is set in Lagos, Nigeria, and is just as popular as its predecessors. Though it streams on Africa’s Showmax channels, fans of the franchise have been very clever with their ways of watching it, as Bustle reports. (Not that this is necessarily recommended — but if you must have your drama, they’ve got ways to fill your craving!)

The show, which premiered in April 2022, follows six new Housewives as they navigate their personal and professional lives, tackling romance, friendship, beauty, and of course, drama.

And if the trailer for the show is any indication of what viewers can anticipate from this season, it’s going to be a wild ride! Let’s take a look at what to expect from each of “The Real Housewives of Lagos” in its premiere season.

Carolyna Hutchings


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Carolyna Hutchings is a multi-faceted talent who rose to fame after her debut in the 2004 hit film, “Deadly Care.” After making a name for herself, she produced and starred in her own film, “Stalker,” a romantic thriller. Eventually, the mother of three became CEO of Hutchings Limited, a company specializing in real estate, oil and gas, and agriculture. And as the founder of Hopeville Foundation, a non-profit organization that caters to women and children, she has been largely away from the spotlight over the last several years. Because of this, many viewers eagerly anticipate watching Hutchings on the ‘Real Housewives’ series.

However, although has kept a relatively low profile, Hutchings reveals that her dynamic personality hasn’t gone anywhere.

When asked what she felt the hardest part about being in front of the camera was in an interview with Showmax, she responded, “There’s nothing hard about it, really. I won Best Actress and I am also a multiple-award-winning producer. Being in front of the camera is a part of me.”

Laura Ikeji


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Social media influencer, author, business entrepreneur – Laura Ikeji does it all. As the wife of former soccer star, Christopher Kanu, she is no rookie when it comes to navigating the limelight. The author of How to Make Money on Instagram drew a large social media following as a fun-loving and playful personality. But fans might see a different side of her as the new season of ‘Real Housewives of Lagos’ unfolds. She jokingly warns, “I’m always laughing and playing, but I have another side. This show has brought me out, so I want to apologize in advance.” In her Showmax interview, the mom of two teases viewers with a glimpse of what’s to come during the season, “You just get to see people out of Instagram and its glitz, glam, lies and what people want to show…Lagos is full of lies, pretense, and backstabbing. I think you guys will see that on the show a lot.” 

Chioma Ikokwu


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Chioma Ikokwu is a well-known lawyer and business mogul who owns multiple businesses including a luxury hair brand and a popular restaurant and bar. If that’s not enough, she’s also a philanthropist that runs the Goodway Foundation, a charity focusing on serving women and children in need. Also, her advocacy for increased research, awareness and management of Sickle Cell Disease earned her a humanitarian award by the African Sickle Cell Foundation in New York. While she’s seemingly done it all, joining The Real Housewives of Lagos is a new venture she’s excited to take part in. Though not a housewife, she shares her thoughts on joining the cast as a single woman, “I honestly think being a Real Housewife of Lagos means being a boss-babe, a go-getter, and making that paper and that’s definitely my thing.” Love it or hate it, her no-nonsense attitude and palpable confidence are sure to bring the drama to the show. She adds, “I own the cameras. There’s nothing hard about being in front of the cameras. The cameras were made for me. It’s like second nature to me. I love it. I’m having fun.”

Toyin Lawani-Adebayo


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Acclaimed celebrity stylist and fashion designer, Toyin Lawani-Adebayo made a name for herself as an industry expert in style. Author of “The Business Mogul Guide,” she owns 33 businesses under the umbrella of her fashion brand, Tiannah’s Place Empire. Now, as part of the Real Housewives of Lagos cast, Lawani-Adebayo is expected to bring the same drama that she serves in her fashion to the show. Having starred in her own reality series, Tiannah’s Empire, Lawani-Adebayo is not new to reality television and the drama that tends to come with it. Instead, the self-proclaimed “mad, but always classy” star plans to focus on herself this season. She tells interviewers that the hardest part of being in front of the cameras this time around is that she has to share it with other “opinionated women”. And when asked why viewers should tune in to ‘The Real Housewives of Lagos,” the mother of three responds, “Watch it because of me, because I have something to offer.”

Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo Ojo wears many hats as a famous Nollywood actress, producer, social media and brand influencer, business entrepreneur, and mother of two. Although divorced, Ojo has joined the ‘Real Housewives of Lagos’ cast to the excitement of her many fans. For those unfamiliar with Ojo, she hopes to share a glimpse of her life with them through the show. “It’s the exposure for me and getting to know more people, meet more people, and interact with more ladies like myself,” she tells interviewers at Showmax. She promises to showcase her authentic self on the show, but when it comes to her romantic life, her lips are sealed. “I’m 100% authentic about my life. I’m not 100% real about my relationship, though. I’m keeping that private and I have my reasons for that. So that, in case we break up, people won’t count it.” Aside from that, she hopes that viewers enjoy getting a closer look inside her life, from watching her face her deepest fears to laughing at her wildest moments.

Mariam Timmer


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Mariam Timmer is chief executive director and public relations expert at Six Sixteen Agency, a public relations agency. She’s also the creative director at Lure Fashion Limited, an online retail fashion line. As the wife of wealthy businessman, John Timmer, Mariam is used to turning heads. When asked about her style, she says, “Some people say, ‘Oh, Mariam is very extra.’ Yes, I am.” Fortunately, fans of the reality series can expect her to bring that same over-the-top energy to the show. Timmer anticipates winning viewers’ attention with her self-described “naturally funny” personality. However, that might not be the only thing she’s serving up this season. When it comes to drama, Timmer knows what makes for good television. When speaking of her surprise introduction to the show, she states, “They were having a party, and I just came in. It was exactly what I was expecting, and I was like, ‘Yes, b*tches. Close your mouth, close it.’ But that was precisely the expression I was waiting for, and I got it. They might have said something behind my back.” 

To see her and the rest of the ‘Real Housewives’ cast, tune in to ‘The Real Housewives of Lagos’ every Friday on Showmax.