Relaxer boxes are nostalgic pieces of cultural importance that have graced the shelves of beauty stores for years. The stunning Black girls on the relaxer boxes are an ode to an era in Black hair history and culture that still gives us nostalgia.

The Thread

It looks like the beautiful Black girls who once graced the cover of relaxer boxes have all grown into stunning women. It all started when a Twitter user shared her sentiments about the boxes, and several other Twitter users responded as they reminisced on the past.

The conversation inspired some of the girls who had graced the boxes to show reveal themselves now.


The conversation inspired other people to chime in and make an observation about Black hair in general: many of the girls who were advertising relaxer products were now clearly rocking their hair in its natural form. This observation challenges the notion that many women are perming their hair.

Others were less excited about the trending topic, and pointed out some of the marketing tactics that were used to target Black women to conform to Eurocentric standards of beauty specifically.

Fascinatingly, in the midst of the buzz, the thread also prompted some people who were featured on the box to share that they did not actually use hair relaxer on their hair for the ads, but rather, straightened and used mousse to achieve the sleeked, relaxed look.

Other Twitter users could not help but add a humorous spin on the whole feed.