Wondering about the newest celebrity beauty trends coming in 2021? Each year, a new trend takes the scene, and soon, almost everyone is adopting it. This year, there will be a lot of changes in the celebrity beauty world. Part of it is due to the global pandemic, and part of its due to the beauty industry continually changing. Here are some notable celebrity beauty trends coming this new year.


Skinimilism is an interesting trend that seems to be taking the celebrity beauty world by storm. Many celebrities, including Alicia Keys, aren't shy to rock the no-makeup look. Skinimilism is all about embracing your natural skin and beauty, and many stars are moving towards this trend. 

Bold Eye Looks

With the ongoing global pandemic, masks don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Due to safety reasons, celebs won't be able to show off their bold lip color. This makes it the perfect time to invest in a gorgeous eye look! In 2021, bold eyes will be big in the celebrity beauty world. Lashes and brows will always be an important feature. It's something about a gorgeous eye look that really brings the overall look together.

Monochrome Effect

No makeup is definitely one of the trends that will dominate 2021. However, celebs will likely want to switch up the minimal look, especially on the virtual red carpets and other glamorous events. Monochrome makeup, the art of matching the shades you wear on your eyes and lips (sometimes blush), is a great way to kick the natural look up a notch. Entertainers like Rihanna and Raven Symone have successfully pulled off the monochrome look to tie their whole look together.

Shades of Red 

You've probably heard of the pink hair boom of quarantine. Well, expect to see lots of warm hair shades like peach, cinnamon brown, and strawberry blond. These colors bring brightness to your face when everything around seems dull. 

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