To those unfamiliar, false lashes seem like they exist in the realm of special occasions like weddings and prom in terms of effort and effect. No one wants to have to deal with shaky hands and sticky glue when getting ready on a daily basis. Most people just settle for their regular routine of curling and mascara when it comes to eyelash primping. However, they're actually pretty easy to use and can look natural once you get the hang of them. The effect you can get from them — longer lashes and larger-looking eyes — can really complement any outfit on any old day.

The key is to find the right lashes that fit you and your occasion while also getting the hang of putting those bad boys on. Here’s our guide on how to make false lashes work for you, whether you’re headed to a date or your desk.

Photo: Courtesy of Ardell

  1. Decide what look you're going for

The kind of lashes you're going to put on are totally dependent on what occasion you're planning on wearing them for. Make sure you determine whether you want fake lashes for a more natural, subdued look or if you’re looking to rock someone’s socks off with your lashes. 

  1. Find the right supplies.

Once you’ve figured out the look, it’s time to go shopping! You’re going to need a few things for successful false lash application. They are:

  • False lashes

  • There are two types of fake lashes, individuals and strips. The individuals are little clumps of 4-5 hairs that you put on one-by-one, while the strips are the more familiar full set of lashes that cover your whole lash line. The general rule of thumb is that the individuals usually give a more natural look, while the strips are more showstoppers. This doesn’t mean that you can’t work strips for casual occasions or vice-versa, though! You can use longer individuals for a bolder look or cut a shorter set of strip lashes for a regular work day. It’s really up to you! Here are some go-to brands and styles that work for everyone:

Ardell Individual Lashes Starter Kit, $6.82

Ardell Individual Multipack, $6.29

NYX Wicked Lashes in Flirt, $5

Ardell 119 Black, $2.42

House of Lashes Iconic Lashes, $12. 

Ardell 102 Black, $3.99

Ardell Sophisticated (Glitter), $3.50

Lash glue

  • Sometimes lash glue will come with the lashes you buy and sometimes it won’t. Regardless, this brand is a beauty guru’s holy grail item.

Duo Lash Glue (Clear), $5.99

Your regular eye make-up

  • It’s important to have whatever eyeliner or mascara you regularly use on hand, because part of the process of application often involves using these to help blend in the lashes.

  • Tweezers (optional)

  • Some people prefer using tweezers to apply their lashes. Others like to use their hands. Take a stab at a few of these ways and find what fits for you. This tool is also a favorite of many.

  • Learn how to apply

This is where the Internet comes in handy. There are millions of videos out there dedicated to helping newbies apply false lashes. The general rule of thumb seems to be to apply a thin, minimal amount of lash glue directly to the fake lash, let it get tacky for a few seconds, and then apply as close as possible to your lash line. You can then follow up with a little eyelash curling and mascara to help things blend together. 

  1. Show them off!

Make sure to snap a few selfies or go out and be seen in your lashes! You are looking #fire in those falsies.

  1. All good things must come to an end.

At the end of the day, the most important part of any makeup application is the removal. This is especially important with false lashes! You can use a standard makeup-removing liquid to help loosen and melt the lash glue, then take those bad boys right off. Try not to remove too quickly or too soon so as to keep your real eyelashes all intact. Sometimes if the lashes are clean enough you can reuse them, but overall it’s not recommended to do so more than a couple of times because they could harbor bacteria and cause problems for your eyes.