Secret Santa can sometimes seem like more of a chore than anything. The price limit makes it so you can barely find anything decent enough, while the large pool of potential giftees ensures that it’s likely you might not know your match well enough to know what to get them. While you’re busy scrambling around and asking about your assigned match, be sure to check out this guide for some great ideas for almost anyone.

For the Impossible to Shop For:

We all have that friend who just can’t seem to get off their IG feed. Even the tech-averse will find this portable battery helpful at some point. It’ll add more than one charge to your phone in a sleek and compact manner. This is a great gift, no matter if it’s your best friend or a complete stranger. 

This compact yet stylish journal is a great gift for all people. This works for the hyper-organized who write down everything in a to-do list, as well as the messy friends who can never seem to be anywhere on time. This is a great place to house everything from big ideas to grocery lists.

Once again, this is an all-purpose gift that's really great for almost everybody. Regardless of what someone’s lifestyle is like, it’ll always be handy to have a longer cable for when outlets are inevitably never in a handy spot. The only people this might not work for are those with non-iPhones, so just make sure you know who you’re giving your gift to beforehand. 

For the Career-Focused:

If your friend always seems to have a mug of coffee or tea in hand, help them upgrade their habit. This pretty mug is a great accessory that fits really well on anyone’s desk. 

This is a great piece for those who are super into reaching their zen, or even those friends who are high-strung and probably need to get more zen. At the very least, they make for a decorative accent for the bedroom or desk. This is a great gift for anyone on your list, regardless of their yogi status. 

These bags are so handy, you can use them for almost anything. They’re compact enough to stick multiple all over the place — in a drawer at work, in your purse and by your front door. They’re sturdy enough to hold your gallons of orange juice back from the grocery store and machine-washable for your dirty gym clothes. Buy a couple of these for anyone in your life who is always on the go.

For the Fashion Forward:

This scarf is a great accessory for those who are looking to up their style game or those who can’t be seen without being fully dressed — with accessories on top — for the day. It comes in a variety of colors so you can mix and match depending on personal style. Grab a handful of these for all of your friends!

This stylish phone case is a great way to upgrade your outfit, regardless of what you’re wearing. After all, your phone is probably the one accessory you’re always going to have with you. Why not make sure every part of your look is on point?

This gift is great for your friend who can’t seem to keep track of all of their jewelry. It’s a great personal touch for a nightstand or bathroom.

Food Before Love ‘Bad and Boozy’ Pin, $10

It seems everyone is building out their pin collections these days, and this addition is the perfect look to rock on the weekends — especially when out to brunch with friends. This is a secret santa gift for anyone who loves to make a statement (and support millennials of color along the way).

For the Beauty Junkies:

  • Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack of 10, $20

  • This much-raved-about set of masks are supposed to cure all of your skincare ailments. Whether you have oily or dry skin, the snail secretions that are concentrated in this product will help you refresh your look. This is great for everyone, because who doesn’t want to glow during this holiday season?

  • Don’t take this gift as a sign that your friends smells bad, more that you think they deserve to smell their best. It is a great way to give your friend the option of choosing what their signature scent will be because these fragrances layer beautifully for a variety of complex and unique smells that can be custom to you.

  • This product is great for any person, no matter their Sephora member status. It can be used for dry hands, parched hair or thirsty skin. It’s also scentless, so it works even if you don't know what fragrance family your secret santa match likes the most.

    For Those Looking to Get Cozy at Home:

  • This New York Times bestseller is a compelling second novel written by the author of the bestselling Everything I Never Told You. Ng’s story will resonate with people in all walks of life, no matter their situation. In addition to being on top of numerous best books lists for the year, this is a great choice for huge readers or those who just want to get back into reading.

  • What’s better than settling in on a cold night with some good hot chocolate? This gourmet powder is a great way to satisfy the sweet tooth of anybody on your list without breaking the bank.

  • This is a small kitchen appliance that can make a huge impact. The idea of coming home after a long day to a warm kitchen filled with the scent of chili that’s already ready to eat is heavenly. These not only make the cold nights warmer, but also make meal-prepping and eating well easier. Get these for any of your friends, regardless of their Julia Child-status.

  • The best way to feel at home is to surround yourself with the people who you love. Short of actually having them always with you, gift your friend a picture of the two of your having fun as a great memory to warm up their space.