With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to find the best wellness deals on Amazon. Whether the gifts be for yourself, for someone you love, or even just a co-worker at the office, wellness gifts are perfect for people who value self-care and the soft life over fancy trinkets and getting flewed out.

No matter your budget, gifts that focus on self-care are sure to make a good impression on even the pickiest person.

So, with this in mind, 21Ninety has come up with the 8 best wellness deals that are easy to find on Amazon. Shopping can, indeed, be a pleasure once again!

Mars Wellness Heated Microwave Booties

wellness deals amazon booties

Looking for something to heal your tired tootsies? The Mars Wellness Microwavable Foot Booties are the perfect gift idea for the person who stands on their feet all day. Whether you’re into hot or cold therapy, the booties are perfect to heal either a specific pain or just to provide general rest and relaxation. Plus, with a price tag under $40, the booties are one of the best wellness deals you’ll find on Amazon.

Instinct Raw Boost Mixers

wellness deals amazon dog food topper

It’s not just our two-legged friends that need to engage in self-care. That’s why these freeze-dried dog food toppers are the perfect gift for the man (or woman, or gender non-binary person) who considers their fur friends their family. Made by Instinct, the raw boost mixers come in a variety of flavors that address a variety of ailments, from gut health to joint health. With an average price of $12.50, these raw boost mixers are the perfect wellness deal on Amazon for the pet family in your life.

Wellness Kittles

Wellness Deals Amazon

If “four-legged family” includes irascible cats, the Wellness Kittles is the perfect stocking stuffer gift — and one of the cutest Amazon wellness deals. With fishy flavors designed for finicky felines, the Wellness Kittles take a holistic approach to your cat’s health, and are the perfect treat for Fluffy’s furry adventures.

Stress Less Cards

stress less cards

These Stress Less Cards — made by Sunny Present — are the perfect stocking stuffer for the person who has everything…but peace of mind. These cute cards contain 50 exercises that are proven to release stress, tension, and anxiety while calling your energy back to you. Based on neurolinguistic techniques, the Stress Less Cards is one of our favorite wellness deals on Amazon, and are the perfect gift for someone else…or even yourself!

Accupressure Slippers


Tired feet can make your whole body feel beat. That’s why these accupressure slippers from CASAWISE are the perfect Amazon find for those on the hunt for wellness deals. With claims to promote blood circulation and treat the worst symptoms of plantar fascitis, these accupressure slippers are both adjustable and washable, and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

The Mental Health Mixtape for Black Men

wellness deals amazon

Black men have a very specific set of mental health and wellness needs, which is why The Mental Health Mixtape for Black Men is not only one of the best wellness deals on Amazon, but one of the most important. The book, which comes complete with a reference page full of mental health resources all over the United States, helps Black men do the necessary work to be their best selves.

Rose Quartz Necklace

rose quartz necklace

Did you know that rose quartz crystals activate your heart chakra? If you’re looking for a gift for someone who needs to engage in a little self-care on their heart, then this rose quartz necklace is the perfect gift for them. It also happens to be one of our favorite Amazon wellness deals!

The Body Keeps The Score

Amazon Wellness Deals

Considered the pre-eminent and groundbreaking book on trauma and the body’s response to it, The Body Keeps The Score provides a definitive and holistic approach to how to both approach your trauma and heal from it. The Body Keeps The Score is one of the best wellness deals you can find on Amazon, and is the perfect gift for the person who is looking to heal their whole selves — mind, body, and soul.


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