One thing that we know how to do as a community is create. We create trends and cultures in such a way that inspires others to follow suit. Hair and hairstyles are a big part of the culture. With summer around the corner, here are some classic hairstyles and natural hair trends you shouldn’t forget.

Skunk Stripe

This hairstyle is made by dyeing or bleaching a strip of hair in whatever color you want and creatively blending it in with the rest of your hair. It is a fun, versatile, and playful alternative to full-on colored hair, and it is perfect for people who want an edgy vibe.

Claw Cippin’

Claw clips have the rare ability to turn a messy hair day into an off-duty model look. With one swift motion, a set of old braids becomes the ideal boho updo.

Heart Straight Backs

Heart shaped straight backs transform simple and often monotonous hairstyles into a fun and inspiring looks. With a simple heart shaped parting and a set of clean straight back stitch braids, the perfect festival look is made.


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Jumbo Knotless Box Braids

This simple low maintenance style can be dressed up or down and frankly can look good on anyone. Pairing this simple style with curly ends can created a fun and youthful look and playing around with the colors can give an extra pop


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Hair Gems

Hair gems can add an extra sparkle to a simple low bun and can even extend on to your makeup! Hair gems are the perfect way to invent your own styles and rock it at festivals or yacht parties this summer.


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