The year is 2001. You’re back home just in time to watch 106 & Park. You see your favorite music video across your TV screen while you’re picking out which baby phat jeans you plan to wear tomorrow. Life is good. These are the feelings we miss but some of our favorite songs can bring us back to that very day when life was simpler. Here are a few throwback songs that still have us in a chokehold ’till this day!

Dru Hill – Tell Me

This bop still has us running to the dance floor when it comes on. Something about Dru Hill telling us to tell them what we want just hits every time. This even inspired the Dru Hill challenge on TikTok.

Amerie – Why Don’t We Fall In Love

“So many things I’m going through, so much that I want to do.” Amerie hit us with that evergreen song opener and walked away! The R&B singer left no crumbs on this track and still has us wondering, why don’t we fall in love?

T-Pain – Buy U A Drank

The 2000’s king of autotune really set the bar with this hit. You’ll hear this song at any function and immediately start rocking. We’re not too sure what T-Pain put in this song, but its probably something heavily addictive and not FDA approved.

Whateva – Remy Ma

This is a New York girl’s anthem. Play this in the function in 2022, and immediately the entire crowd starts to get lite. From Swizz Beats’ work on the track to Remy’s lyrics that makes every girl feel like they run this function, it’s bound to set off the entire party.

Mystikal ft. Nivea – Danger (Been So Long)

Something about this song really has everyone ready to shake a tail feather at all times! It even went viral on TikTok within the past year and became a trend on the app. The classic song features the host of the newest season of 21Ninety’s Asking For A Friend, Nivea. She graced the track with her timeless vocals, that have us all saying “been so loOoOng.”

Asking For a Friendnivea