Meeting people you want to spend time with has proven to be more difficult in recent years than ever before. From social media overexposure to the dying art of communication, dating can end up being more trouble than it’s worth. Plus, with our ability to socialize being severely interrupted due to COVID, even putting ourselves in striking distance of a new flame can be damn near impossible. Where happy hours, kickbacks and vacations used to broaden the dating pool, trying to stay abreast of the ever-changing landscape of what is actually safe has made the playing field look more like a sandbox. So, it’s no wonder that as offices open back up and we lay eyes on our coworkers for perhaps the first time in a long while (or ever!), there may be a little intrigue. With our increased need for connection, it will be quite easy to find interest in someone you’re seeing a lot especially if you find yourself working close with them on projects or deadlines. But before you dive headfirst into an “anything can happen, live for today” situation, think about these things. 

What is your company’s policy about relationships in the workplace. 

Well, yeah. Some company’s have nothing to say about what their employees choose to do or not do with one another but others are very strict on not wanting any workplace romances happening under their roof. Though the idea of sneaking around and having a shared secret can be sexy and fun, is it worth possibly losing your job? Up to you to decide.

Have they dated anyone else at the company. 

Yeah, that part. This could be a potentially messy situation if there are any lasting feelings or unresolved issues between the two. Also, if this person has dated someone else at your job, they may have a bit of a habit of playing where they work and ain’t nobody got time for that! Definitely something worth inquiring about before agreeing to take things outside of work hours. 

How closely do you two work together?

Are you likely to have to spend a significant amount of time together at work should things go south? Will you be their superior or vice versa at some point? Are you part of a team with other people for who it may get awkward? It may be a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of taking it from spreadsheets to bed sheets before taking the first steps. 

What do you both actually want?

This is a time for radical honesty. If you’re looking for a hookup and they’re looking for a relationship, you’re already heading down a dangerous path. You both should take some time to really consider what you’re ready for and how the other person factors into that to make sure you’re not just acting on a few shared moments in the break room. 

Are either of you willing to walk away from the job?

If you’re both working at a place that is more a transition for the next phase in your careers, moving ahead with a workplace relationship can be worth it. However, if you’re both at your dream company in your dream positions, would it really be ok to have to walk away should things get ugly between you? The truth about dating is that sometimes things don’t work out and the endings are not always amicable so consider what the worse case scenario may be for you both and then make your decision from there.